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Dating & Technology


  • Fully managed Campaign
  • Influencer Search & Selection
  • Outreach & Activation

Campaign KPIs:

  • Boost Brand Visibility
  • Grow Social Media Reach
  • Drive App Downloads

The Challenge:

Feeld wanted to run an impactful influencer campaign on Instagram, targeting women and non-binary people around the subject of sexuality and relationships. This required Upfluence’s expertise in selecting and activating influencers in the right niche, who would help Feeld reach their desired audience.

The Solution:

Upfluence delivered a campaign that combined influencer marketing on Instagram with 5 in-person events to maximize brand engagement across online and offline channels.

Influencers were invited to share their own messages of inclusivity around dating and relationships on Instagram with the hashtag #FeeldNotes. They posted in their feed, on Instagram Stories, and hosted Q&A sessions to interact with a maximum number of people.

The campaign capitalized on key seasonal dates to run brand activation events. The campaign included 4 events at the well-known ‘House of Yes’ and an after-party following the release of Dion Lee’s F/W 2022 collection during New York Fashion Week.

The Results:

Upfluence’s campaign generated 50% more engagements than expected including over 1 million views and impressions. Working with these creators resulted in 3x the expected amount of new content. In addition, Feeld reported an uplift in organic app downloads in the period the campaign was running.

I really appreciate the way that you brought all these additional ideas into the mix. This has galvanized the relationship between Feeld and Upfluence because we’re paying for one thing but you’re bringing all these different tangents in as well so that’s fantastic!
One thing that’s really good to see is that cluster campaigns do work. They have an actual impact on acquisition and revenue.

Cathy Keen, Head of Partnerships at FEELD


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