5 Top Auto Blogs to Follow During the Geneva Motor Show

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The Geneva Motor Show is currently taking place from March 3rd to 13th. Because Switzerland lacks a vehicle production industry, the Geneva Motor Show is viewed as one of the world’s premier, least biased auto showcases. While Frankfurt, Detroit, and Chicago unveil the best of Germany and North America, Switzerland’s neutral site gives a truly democratic playing field where some of the most hotly anticipated vehicles, technology, and brands are unveiled. Needless to say, the Geneva Motor Show is is THE place to be for automotive brands.

The Geneva Motor Show provides a great opportunity for influencers to reach a large, highly qualified customer base. The best influencers, outside of major auto magazines, are automotive blogs. Beyond visitor numbers and social media metrics, automotive blogs carry industry clout and act as an objective platform for sharing information.

Take a look at these 5 automotive blogs that are covering the GMS and auto industry in general. All are prime influencers for car brands.

Top 5 Auto Blogs


Evo gets over 320K site visits per month, and has 76,6K Twitter followers and 111,500 Facebook fans. With a mixture of news, reviews, and video, Evo allows for brand exposure on many different levels. The website’s format allows for quick digestion of visual content and exposure to industry news. Evo’s coverage of the Geneva Motor Show follows this same format as it’s regular content, while showcasing brand innovations and motor show expectations.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 12.11.22

An overview of Evo‘s blog


Of this roundup, Autocar attracts the most monthly site visitors– over 1,6 M per month. Autocar doesn’t rely as heavily on social media as the other top blogs (it has 79K Facebook fans), but the monthly page visits speak to its influence. It’s appearance is a mixture of news-site and blog, with feature stories prominently placed above the fold. Autocar has a separate tab for the Geneva Motor Show, featuring all of the latest industry updates surrounding the event.


Automoblog is a fantastic resource for car enthusiasts and experts alike. Although seemingly small, Its 65K monthly visits, 1590 Twitter followers, and 23K Facebook fans are the type of automotive fans that brands crave. Automoblog runs the gamut of content, from vintage editorials to reviews and technology. Their extensive Geneva Motor Show coverage is easily on par with much larger blogs.

Motoring Exposure

Motoring Exposure has the fewest monthly site visits with 20K. Yet their reach on all social media (9.3K Twitter, 32K Facebook, 10,1K Instagram) contributes to their success as a blog. While Motoring Exposure doesn’t have as coherent a feel to its site design as other top blogs, visitors are easily able to navigate relevant stories according to manufacturer and features.  

Motor Authority

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 12.12.37

An overview of Motor Authority‘s website

Motor Authority truly is an industry influencer, with over 1,1M monthly visits. Its 2,3M Facebook fans and 11,3K Twitter followers positions Motor Authority as the furthest reaching top automotive blog. Motor Authority covers spy-shots, along with first impressions and industry news. There are few blogs with as many varied ways to showcase an automotive brand.

The Automotive Industry and Influencers

Just as the fashion industry is increasingly tied to industry bloggers, the automotive industry has begun to embrace blogs and social media as a legitimate source of customer influence. Forbes recognizes bloggers as a necessity for providing well rounded, colorful commentary about the industry. More importantly, car blogs are taking an increasingly important role in solidifying car brands’ place in pop culture.

Ford has been in the driver’s seat with influencers by inviting diverse bloggers and marketing professionals to special events. From car enthusiasts to mommy-bloggers, Ford gives all-access passes to high-profile unveilings and tests, which are shared with a wide audience. The days of stiff auto journalism are not gone, but times are evolving to include    influencer marketing. These influencers promote a new car through published reviews, social media posts, and word of mouth to generate better brand engagement.

Automotive influencers will vary according to target demographics and the marketing campaign’s purpose. With today’s purchasing power shifting to millennials, less obtrusive, organic-feeling marketing efforts are becoming a necessity. Auto blogs provide a quality first point of dissemination, as many subsequent influencers get their industry information from these trusted sources.

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