Combine SEO and Content Marketing to Boost Your Site’s Traffic

How combining content marketing and SEO practices can work in harmony to boost your site’s traffic.

Marketing is becoming more dominant to a business’ strategy every year. In 2018, businesses spend 11.4% of their budget on their marketing strategies, and this rises to 13.4% in the B2C sphere.

Where are businesses investing this capital?

Marketing is a broad term, after all. However, the better question to ask, rather than following the pack is; where should this investment be allocated for your business?

It’s time for us to look at how the combination of content marketing and SEO creates a long-term ROI when directed with vision.

By this, we mean that there are tactics, backed by evidence, that increase lead generation, deliver on marketing targets and provide value to your site’s audience.

Content marketing and SEO; what do these terms mean?

Content marketing has quite a specific definition which is to create and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content that attracts a specific audience. It’s an incredibly useful mode of marketing as it provides three times more leads than traditional marketing while being 62% cheaper.  

Our infographic shows how content marketing is powering the future of business and right now early adopters are using the latest technologies to stand out from the crowd.

SEO is a marketing practice to grow non-paid, also known as organic, search engine results. There’s a lot of different techniques involved that are both creative and technical to improve rankings and drive traffic to a site.

A few years ago, we would have said that SEO makes content more accessible and favorable to search engines whereas content marketing does the same for people.

Google’s collaboration with DeepMind counteracts marketing ploys that manipulate SEO techniques without providing value to site visitors. Nowadays, factors such as bounce rates influence search engines rankings. The addition of SEO criteria that emphasizes UI makes the weaving of content marketing and SEO even more crucial.

And here is where we come to the crux of this article’s title matter. You cannot separate content marketing and SEO practices if you want your site to thrive.

How Content Marketing Enhances SEO

Traffic analytics

Take the following scenario as an example:

You’re reading an article online and come across an unfamiliar term which is hyperlinked. By clicking on this, the writer takes you to another source that explains the concept which enriches your experience as a site user.

This strategy stems from content marketing. However, it also acts to boost SEO. This link-building helps to show search engine crawlers that your site is an authoritative source on a subject matter. SEO cannot survive without content; we depend on content marketing to implement SEO techniques.

It also works the other way around, by creating stellar content you can expect to see the host’s site sending traffic your way via links.

Practices that combine SEO and Content Marketing

A dynamite content marketing strategy exists only with the involvement of SEO practices. If you begin implementing the techniques below, all of which combine content marketing with SEO tools, you’ll develop more robust marketing campaigns that will improve your site’s presence online.

Lead Generation is a complementary method to strengthening your content marketing. You can use this article to learn tactics that further drive traffic to your site.

Broken link building

Broken link building is a clever tactic to boost SEO while delivering on your content marketing goals. The process involves finding dead-end links and providing the site owner with your fully-operational, spectacular alternativeIt’s also a popular tactic in strengthening SEO.

To execute this three-step process you will:

  1. Source sites that are leaders in your industry
  2. Find backlinks in their pages that lead to dead-ends. You can use sites such as this one, so you don’t have to do it manually.
  3. Contact the site owner, informing them of the broken backlink and offering your article that provides the content they need.

Writing superb content that effectively replaces the broken links is an excellent example of SEO and content marketing working in harmony.

Content calendars

Content calendar SEO

Content calendars focus the lens from short-term to long-term. Here is a shareable resource that can be easily accessed and edited by members of the marketing team.

So how does all this benefit SEO?

This consistent flow of content enhances traffic to your site which in itself boosts search engine rankings. Think of this model as the antithesis of hacks and quick boosts in the form of clickbait.

What you’re creating is an editorial calendar of content that provides value to leads.

However, you will have to produce this content at a consistent level rigorously. Businesses posting at least sixteen articles a month enjoy 3.5 times the traffic of those posting 0-4. In time you will be in a position of influence as people gain trust in what you have to say. This increase in traffic will fulfill your SEO targets.

Guest blogging and promotion

Not promoting your content marketing is a lot like building a new hotel but not putting up any signage that tells people it actually exists. You need to be growing your community through social media, comment marketing, guest blogging, and even paid searches and ads.

Guest blogging has the benefit of having both your own team, but also that of your guest blog writer, to push the content. It gives you a whole new audience to connect with, and this potential boost in leads creates SEO magic.

A lot of these methods are two-way streets, and it’s no different for guest blogging. Guest blogging is as simple as offering your knowledge and authority all packaged in a blog post. This effort repays itself by driving traffic back to your own website so newcomers can see what you have built (thanks to your content calendar).

Optimize content for snippets

Getting your content primed and prepped for a search engine snippet is a wise and valuable process. When a web browser types a question into Google, a featured snippet will be the first thing they see.

They are a summary of an answer to a search engine query. Often, users don’t even have to click on a site to have their question answered. However, featured snippets get 2x the click-throughs.

You get a lot of screen space, even more than if you ranked #1!

The future of SEO and content marketing

Every year we see video format rise as the preferred content. Video is the highest growth category in marketing spend, with investment anticipated to grow by over twice its amount from 2016 to 2021.

Rich content, from images to video and VR, will become what people expect from their browsing experience.

However, SEO techniques such as incorporating relevant and trending keywords are not going anywhere. Images need alt text and videos need metadata just like articles thrive online with keywords. So although the format changes SEO and content strategies will also be hyperlinked.

Creating relevant content for your audience will always be central to a top content marketing strategy. Your end user should come first when designing a plan of the creative processes. All of the techniques and tools mentioned will help you to achieve this ultimate goal.

Marketing SEO

Marketing teams can often lose sight of what’s essential amongst the different methods of implementation and technologies.

Really, it’s not a question of whether they should be combined but how best to implement one to enhance the other. We’ve shown you exactly how to do that, and you’ll now be confident in the direction of your marketing strategy to create valuable content optimized for SEO.

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