Data-visualizations: 3 reasons why you should start using your data for content marketing

Did you know that 91% of buyers prefer interactive and visual content over traditional text-based and static media? Did you know that we process visual content 30 times quicker than we process words? We were already using the term “data visualization” 10 years ago, but this has become an amazingly hot topic for content marketers these days.

1 – You’ll turn your data into amazing storytelling

You already know it: to differentiate yourself from the competition, you need unique, amazing and original story ideas. But how to find new ideas when your main activity is not as “glamorous” as promoting movies or selling some delicious chocolate bars?

Here is the thing, data is an amazing tool to tell stories.  Storytelling based on data is a combination of two business areas: data and communication. If you have proprietary data that has never been released outside of your company, use it to tell a story that no one else can tell about your industry, your customers, and more!

Unfortunately, most companies don’t take full advantage of the data they actually have and could use. Content marketing managers are oftentimes not equipped to work through the data to create compelling stories. The result? An amount of hardly valuable data unused, which is a crime because data storytelling is one of the most powerful communication assets for brands. It’s time to start turning your data into highly valuable content!

You already have a wealth of data in your organization but you don’t know it yet! Here are some examples of internal data you can use:

  • Your analytics = data!
  • Your customer’s behavior (Website, apps, IoT, …) = data!
  • Your reports = data!
  • Your surveys = data!

Want more? The world wide web is full of valuable data from many great organizations likely to have more resources than you. Here are some examples of external data you can use:

– You will win the PR competition

Publishers go crazy for great storytelling! We are in an era of regurgitated and fast-consuming content, data storytelling helps you stand out above the noise. A great piece published in an opinion leader publication can elevate your brand and introduce you to an entirely new audience.

Keep in mind that an interesting statistic or data visualization can also be used again and again to enhance other types of content or used for social media: videos, articles, whitepapers, gifs, …

3 – Your audience will consider your brand as a reference

Data can help you communicate about a previously unexplored topic, give light to an interesting angle about your product/service, or provide useful information and give some perspective to your customers, audience and/or industry. It’s an opportunity to give to your audience extremely valuable content that expands their knowledge, solves their problems, and gives them a better understanding of the digital world.

By delivering data-based content, your brand can provide a real service to your audience. The best of it? By extracting these insights from your own data, your company benefits from it too. Moreover, by blending narrative and visuals, you are effectively targeting both sides of the brain, cementing the information. Long story short, data visualization is the go-to solution because:

  • It is more comprehensive: Our brains are programmed to process visuals faster than language. Being able to “see” the data makes it much easier to understand.
  • It allows better retention: Information visually processed makes it easier to recall later.
  • It is appealing: Data visualization is visually stimulating, making the content more attractive for your audience.

Learn how you should go about data visualization by reading our previous article.

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