How Luxury Fashion Brands Are Performing on Facebook [New Research]

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Luxury brands walk the narrow band between exclusivity and inclusivity, which may be why they stayed away from social media as long as they have. No matter what happened in the past, that era is over now, and top luxury brands are thriving in the social sphere. For example, Porsche has 10 million followers on Facebook while Dolce & Gabbana wowed the Internet by asking their models to shoot selfies on the runway and post them to Instagram during Milan Fashion Week. This is about more than just popularity though. Burberry posted a 29 percent jump in revenue as a result of their social media strategy.

We wanted to gain a better understanding of which strategies work best for luxury brands on Facebook, so we studied the performance of Facebook posts by the 29 luxury fashion brands below over the past six months. 

ArmaniLa Perle Lingerie
BurberryLouis Vitton
Calvin KleinManolo Blahnik
ChanelMarc Jacobs
DiorMichael Kors
Christian LouboutinMissoni
Dolce & Gabbana Narciso Rodriguez
DKNYRalph Lauren
EscadaRoland Mouret
FendiStella Mc Cartney
GucciStuart Weitzman
PradaTom Ford
Hugo BossTory Burch
John VarvatosTurnbull & Asser

From Versace to Chanel or John Varvatos to Stella McCartney, these findings can help luxury fashion brands to optimize their social media strategy.

1. Community wins

Before exposing more results, it is important to remind who are the most influent luxury fashion brands of all time on Facebook :

No need to introduce these brands anymore, their strong brand identity and reputation make Louis Vitton, Burberry or Michael Kors the most famous luxury fashion brands in the world. Therefore, they are benefiting from a really large community composed of thousands of people.

Having a large community doesn’t necessary reflect a true brand commitment. Our study gathered then all the publications made by these 29 brands during the past 6 months and analysed their different forms of engagement (likes, shares, comments).

Generally, small brands are outperforming big brands on social media. Their engagement rate is much higher than big brands due to their small and loyal community. The exception is Christian Louboutin, a large brand that acts like a small brand by concentrating on the kind of engagement that fosters a cohesive Facebook community.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 15.48.02

Take a look at Christian Louboutin’s most successful Facebook post, which brought in over 122K likes, 7K shares and 2K comments. It’s streamlined, visually stunning and demonstrates to the audience how the brand can improve their lives. The post says simply and playfully, “Life is more fun when you go nude,” with a hashtag that invites the reader into the brand’s community. The visuals carry the full weight of the brand messaging and the words frame “life” and “fun” as core brand values.

2. Stand out when feeds are empty

Th next part of our study is focusing on the best hours of publication for luxury brands. Gathering data of the publishing hours for our list of brands, we analysed the average engagement rate for each time slot.

We found that engagement rates spiked in the two hours between 4:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. These hours offer better exposure for publishing on Facebook because consumers don’t have as many distractions in their feeds at that time. In addition, early morning postings tend to stay in the news feed longer throughout the day.

3. Make the weekend work for you

As it is already well know by marketers in every industry, publication hours or days are recommended to follow customer’s time schedule in order to get the best amount of impressions.

Facebook engagement rates are significantly higher on the weekend, with Saturday just slightly outperforming Sunday. There could be many reasons why the weekend brings the best engagement rates for posts, but one point became clear as we contrasted it to results from other social media. Twitter is now predominantly used during working hours, while Facebook sees greater use after working hours and on the weekend, suggesting that the audience sees Facebook more as a tool for entertainment and home life updates.

Timing Is Nearly Everything

Alex Kozloff, Director of Marketing and Communications for IAB UK, summed up why luxury brands have come around to a new way of thinking about the value of social media marketing, “It’s essentially the opposite of what you expect when it comes to luxury. It seems very broad and there is such a large scale and difference between users because of the mass. But think about how much information consumers give away on social media — it’s huge. And that information allows advertisers to target groups of relevant consumers very specifically and very, very effectively.”

Luxury brands are now building a strong presence on Facebook because that’s where the consumers are. Thanks to social media, they are now able to reach their target audience in a personal way that isn’t possible through any other channel, and they are learning what matters to your audience in real time. By shifting marketing strategy to social community building and careful timing of strongly visual posts, luxury brands can drive new revenue and become more relevant in the lives of their most important customers.

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