How to create and mesure quality content

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Your content marketing strategy looks good on paper, but once it’s put into action you need a way to measure your content quality so you can tweak your strategy and maximize content effectiveness. This is no simple task, as Hubspot found over 50 percent of content marketers struggle with creating engaging content. It’s difficult, but worthwhile, to figure out the most important quality factors for your audience and business in order to build brand awareness, develop content loyalty and prove your content marketing strategy has a positive ROI.


Measuring Quality for Your Audience

Content Marketing Institute says “Quality content is user-oriented and engaging,” but what does that really mean for your specific audience? For some audiences, long-form content that’s as thorough as possible on one aspect of an industry topic gets everyone excited, while another audience may fall asleep at the title. Knowing what your audience wants to read is an essential step in delivering quality content.

Look at the top performing content in your industry and ask yourself a few questions:

  • How is the most popular content structured?
  • How long are most pieces?
  • Are there common elements in popular content pieces?
  • What type of language do they use?

Your audience wants content that directly relates to their life and problems, according to Content Marketing Institute, so it’s important you understand where your readers are coming from when they encounter your content. If they’re looking for a solution to a problem, explaining the ways your product can help with their issues is a great way of delivering value. Being helpful is the core element of content marketing, so as much as possible, try to be really close to reality and provide concrete facts such as datas, real-life examples,…

Measuring content effectiveness is an imperfect science, with 51 percent of B2C content marketers finding it difficult to truly measure the ROI of content pieces. However, these key metrics provide you with visibility into your content performance:

  • Time on page
  • Content engagement
  • Return visitors
  • Bounce rate
  • Sentiment
  • Social engagement (likes, comments and share)
  • Post reach
  • Quality and number of interactions generated by your content on social media
  • Inbound links to your blog or website

Content Quality for Your Business

You also need to take into account what your brand considers high quality content. Of course, content is part of your marketing strategy; it deserves a clear business purpose such as lead generation, traffic management, lead nurturing… On the another hand, your content represents your brand through its voice, style and distribution channels, so it’s important to keep these elements in mind as part of your content strategy.

You have a few ways to ensure quality content is produced for your business, which works alongside the strategies you’re already using to keep your audience happy. Consistency is an important aspect of creating quality content for your business, both in voice and frequency. Consistent brand voice is established through guidelines that govern every piece of content you put out, so you’re using a similar style for your writing and branding. Editorial calendars make it easy to see what pieces of content are getting published, which channels they’re distributed on and whether you have gaps in the content.

Some metrics to track to see the content quality for your business include:

  • Number of subscriptions
  • Email engagement
  • Traffic metrics
  • On-site engagement
  • Audience growth rate
  • Brand mentions
  • Leads generated

Content quality is an essential part of your content marketing strategy, but fully understanding the elements that separate low quality content from high quality content can be difficult. Look at the pieces your target audience already engages with, the shared elements that popular content has, and the metrics for data-driven ROI measurements. Building your brand authority and keeping your audience happy are the business objectives of many content marketing strategies, but you need to watch the right metrics to see whether you’re really hitting the mark.

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