Influencer marketing companies VS talent agencies

Influencer marketing companies are sometimes mistakenly confused with talent agencies.

Talent agencies have a more manual approach which generally gives access to only one part of the influence “world”. They tend to work with a limited quantity of traditional celebrity style influencers who they have signed up with, and normally only in some pretty narrowly predefined “verticals”  such as retail, fashion and lifestyle.

On the other hand, Influencer marketing companies offer a wider range of influencers and verticals in various sectors such as luxury, lifestyle, fashion, pharma, financial services, consumer food and non-food, electronics etc etc.  Influencer marketing companies are essentially technology companies. Technology enables the anticipation of performance levels (with engagement rates and data histories) and this type of data can be used to rationalise the price charged by the influencers. This is unfortunately not always the case when working with celebrity influencers at talent agencies.

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Upfluence works with tens of thousands influencers and knows what price an influencer is worth because of its technology. However, technology doesn’t mean less personal: on the contrary it’s our technology which enables us to find influencers with the best fit for our customers, in the language they want, all over the world, even when time is very short. If you’ve ever tried doing it manually, you’ll know exactly what we mean !


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