Influencer Marketing Stats: IGC of Three Whisky Brands

Today, consumers place more trust in influencers than traditional brand advertisements.

This explains why we see Influencer-generated content (IGC) everywhere now. It’s a crucial indicator of marketing share and a competitive advantage in a world that’s shifting away from traditional advertising. What marketers need to know is that behind all great IGC is calculated strategy.

Let’s see how it works by taking a real-life example. I really enjoy having a nice glass of scotch at the end of the week, so I decided to compare three whisky brands and see how they perform.

I analyzed Dewar’s, Jack Daniel’s, and Chivas Regal by comparing their social reach (the number of people who actually browsed a post mentioning the brand) and summarized what I learned from these IGC category leaders.


Using brand keywords, I used our software to identify the number of influencers talking about each brand and their total collective reach:

Key Takeaways

Each brand’s IGC revealed insights into their respective influencer marketing strategies. Here are the takeaways:




  1. Dewar’s Influencer Generated Content (IGC) focuses on the social lifestyle, directly expressing the social benefits of Dewar’s as opposed to other whisky brands.
  2. The posts highlight how Dewar’s can be enjoyed with good company and shows the richness of their product as illustrated by their various influencer collaborations.
  3. Dewar’s seems to rely on Power middle and Top 20% influencers to convey their message to the world


Jack Daniel’s



  1. Jack Daniel’s (IGC) is reflective of personalised and relatable Influencer posts that highlight the message of the brand which is “Live Freely.”
  2. The IGC copy focuses primarily on #JackTravels and how Jack Daniel’s is traveling the world through the lens of well known travel influencers.
  3. The posts highlight the adventurous and bold characteristics of Jack Daniel’s through images that highlight the boldness of the brand.

Chivas Regal


  1. Chivas Regal’s IGC embodies the various situations and blends that can be done with their product
  2. Chivas Regal’s IGC describes and emphasise on social and real life situations.
  3. IGC posts include a culinary approach in which different recipes to enjoy whisky are presented and that also helps form a personalisation between the whisky and the influencer

All in all, Influencer generated content has been useful in helping brands define their image and gain market share.

However, IGC does not just apply to the alcohol industry. All industries benefit from the use of IGC by finding the right person to deliver their brand’s message. For more examples, you can have a look at some of our case studies from real influencer marketing campaigns that have helped brands become leaders in their respective industry. 

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