Interview Fashionboxx

to start the evening, Steffen introduces his blog to dress better in any occasions. A very trendy blog that you can’t miss !

Hello Steffen, can you introduce yourself and your blog ?

Hej, I am Steffen. I am a Fashionblogger since 2013 and 25 years old. I startet Fashionboxx to teach men how to dress better in any kind of occasions. At the moment it is kind of a Magazine with all kinds of topics.

What are your editorial habits ? (I write my own content, someone writes for me, someone proofreads me, I take my own pictures for the blog, I post a lot of videos etc…)

Most of the time I write the content all by myself. From time to time I have some editors who have some ideas and are interested in writing on the Blog. Because of all the writing, I don’t have enough time to take photos that would meet my expectations, sometime I do but it is not often.

What do you like the most about fashion?

I don’t know, never thought about it. It is just there. I just like to wear something thats appealing to the eye and feel comfortable with that.

How do you use social networks ? Which one do you prefer ?

I definitely prefer Facebook to share my articles and outfits. Because It is more a word approach than a picture approach that I try to follow. Facebook is the better platform to share information than the more picture related platforms like instagram, snapchat or pinterest.

What are the meaningful moments of the development of the blog ?

I don’t think that it is a particular moment. It just develops itself in time. It is important to deliver content that the people are interested in and to show it in a simply way that everyone understand it well. Thats it.


Who’s your target ?

All men who want to inform their self about fashion.

Which are the most popular categories of your blog ?

Its the guide where you can read everything about how to dress. From the fitting to colors and combinations.

Where do you find inspiration ?

Everywhere. If you look around and notice thinks you will see pretty soon what people like and discover new trends or lets say trends that become popular. It is every interesting to see how fast people adopt trends or change their way to dress, that is really inspiring to me.

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