Interview of Maman Geekette

From now on, we’d like to offer you a little treat on a weekly basis: interviews from influential bloggers. They work hard all year round to research, write and publish articles, and most of all, they have an invaluable experience they’d like to share with other bloggers. To kickstart this little project of ours, we’d like to introduce Maman Geekette, hoping you will like this.

Can you introduce yourself and your project ?
My name is Karine and I created this blog almost 3 years ago to gather the 3 blogs that I had started before (yes, that took me a very long time). It was meant to be a mommy blog but it somehow evolved to several different themes : beauty, family, lifestyle and fashion.

What are the hardest / funniest times of managing a blog?
The hardest thing is to be well organised: finding the time on top of a full time job, finishing late to research, write and publish the articles. On the other hand, the funniest part is to get the chance to meet other bloggers in real life.

Did you experience a tipping point when developing your blog?
User comments posted on the blog and private messages on my facebook fan page encouraged me to keep going. Then, a specific article made went viral. It has been shared a lot on social media, and was about brands testing their products on animals. I am an animal rights enthusiast at heart, and I refuse to use these products!

What is your approach of monetization in general ?
Every now and then, I monetize my blog with sponsored articles. Only occasionally though, because I want my blog to remain authentic without turning into an advertising page. That is why I do not display any banner ads, autoplay videos, or affiliate links.

What’s next for your blog?
This blog is like a private space for me. That is why I have fun sharing all sorts of content. In the near future, I want this blog to remain a hobby, so it remains the same writing experience.

What does social media bring you in this blogging adventure ?
Some social media sites like facebook not only brought me more visibility, but also gave me the chance to bind new friendships!

What is the role of Google (and search engines in general)?
I know that google is closely watching link selling blogs and yet all my links are Dofollow as of today. In my case, to me it doesn’t make much sense to change my links to Nofollow for ‘natural’ articles. So nothing much to write in this case, and I take the risk of being penalized.

A statement for Upfluence ?
I chose Upfluence mostly out of curiosity, as it was a brand new platform that I had yet to work with. What I like about it, is the very personal email conversations and the diversity of campaigns available.

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