Interview of SoBusyGirls

New week = new blog being interviewed (how cool is that?). This week, we’d like to introduce Sébastien, from SoBusyGirls. (translated from French, with love).

Could you introduce yourself and your project?
SoBusyGirls is a webzine publishing articles carefully written by bloggers several times a day. The idea came from a simple observation: it is specifically difficult for a new blogger to be known, and to create a faithful and engaged audience. And still, there are plenty of talented writers out there. The webzine was the created in order to gather and enhance the talent of several writers supervised by an editor. The editor proofreads everything, makes sure the editorial line is maintained, and manages the community.

What was the toughest / funniest times of your journey?
The toughest part was to start from scratch. We had no press/media industry connection whatsoever, and it was only the two of us to carry out the project. On top of that, as an innovative concept, we had to be perfectly clear and straightforward towards our readers and writers, before we could build an audience. The greatest was to experience how enthusiast the first readers were.

Which were the key milestones regarding the growth of your blog?
The two milestones that powered the growth of the webzine were :

  1. When the site was radically redesigned, becoming more beautiful, more functional, and displaying a true graphic identity.
  2. When the team incorporated a community manager who managed to optimize and increase our presence on social media.

What’s your position regarding monetization in general?
Our webzine is a great adventure that now supports three staff members full time. We monetize the site in order to cover the costs, and reward our hard work. We mainly do banner ads, and sponsored posts.

What’s next for your webzine?
We are lucky enough to make a living out of our webzine, and we intend to keep growing, and ideally to expand the team.

What does social media bring to your webzine?
Social media is a great tool in order to develop and manage a communty of engaged followers, but also a great way to raise awareness through social sharing. It also allows us to measure the success of our publications, and also a great way to communicate with our readers. As far as I am concerned, Social Media will become increasingly important in the future for webzines like ours.

What role does Google have (and search engines in general)?
Today, Google is basically almighty. It’s no longer ‘only’ a search engine. Because it remains one of our top traffic sources (and we want to keep it that way) we are fully google compliant, especially as far as sponsored posts are concerned. We respect its dominant position on the web industry, and adjust our guidelines to what it dictates.

A statement for Upfluence?
Upfluence? What is it again? Jokes aside, we love Upfluence! It is a platform connecting advertisers and bloggers, easy to use, and is very user-friendly. Most of all, the team is all ears, and always available. We’ve suggested a few improvements, such as the visibility of the campaign details after publication, and the possibility to negotiate prices in an easier way. (Editor’s note: the Upfluence team is currently working on that

Your final answer?
The blogosphere is a wonderful, rich and exciting place. It does take a little work and perseverance to get your blog to attract and earn the loyalty of an engaged readership. Thanks for the interview!

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