Interview Traveling Ted

Ted Nelson, founder of the blog introduces the features of his blog dedicated to outdoor traveling. Discover it !

Hello Ted, can you introduce yourself and your blog ?

My name is Ted Nelson from Chicago, Illinois. I run Traveling Ted, which is an outdoor adventure blog focusing mainly on hiking, canoeing, and Nordic skiing in the Chicago area, Midwest, USA, and even abroad. I also do quite a bit of backpacking overseas to places like Thailand, Costa Rica, and Colombia.

What are your editorial habits ? (I write my own content, someone writes for me, someone proofreads me, I take my own pictures for the blog, I post a lot of videos etc…)

I do occasionally accept guest posts, but a majority of my content both written and photography/video is done by myself. I do all my proofreading and uploading.

Why did you decide to create a blog about travelling ?

Outdoor traveling is my passion and has been that way since I was a kid following my dad around canoeing and hiking in Wisconsin, the Great Smoky Mountains, and Florida. When I was in college I traveled for the first time overseas, and I was hooked on international travel as well. On one trip to Southeast Asia before social media, I was emailing friends and family and telling them stories of my adventures. Everyone said I needed to start writing, so a blog was the obvious next step.

How do you use social networks ? Which one do you prefer ?

I initially got on social media to try and create traffic to my blog. Now social media is now an entity of its own and for many even more important than the actual blog. I still use it to try and gain traffic to my blog, but I also use it to show off my pictures and adventures as well as highlight some of the beautiful places that I travel to. I mainly use twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but I have dabbled in them all including Pinterest, Google+, and even Periscope. I have yet to get on the Snapchat bandwagon.

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What are the meaningful moments of the development of the blog ?

I first started writing online for, and I started to promote those articles on Twitter. I started to converse with other travel writers and many had their own blogs, so the most meaningful moment was actually creating my blog about five years ago. Other meaningful moments were when I started getting opportunities to travel on media trips, receive travel products to review, and receive payment to write posts. I never dreamed these opportunities would arise when I started blogging. It was initially a creative outlet. It still is, but if an opportunity knocks, I will pursue.

Which are the most popular categories of your blog ?

The two most popular posts on my blog are about my travels to Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago. There are not many bloggers who go there, so it is not like Iceland, India, Thailand, and Costa Rica that have a ton of blog traffic, so anytime someone is looking for Guyana or T&T travel information, my blog is front and center.

Where do you find inspiration ?

I find my inspiration by the beautiful outdoor places that I am fortunate enough to visit whether is is a canoe trip on the Chicago River in my hometown or a huge waterfall in South America.

A little message for Upfluence ?

Thank you for asking. How about a little more work 🙂

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