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How the combination of the 2 best-in-class solutions of digital marketing will crush your KPIs. #worldpremiere

Over the last three years, Upfluence has established itself as the leading company of influencer and content marketing. A full-fledged actor that stands apart from the existing offers. Innovation is deeply embedded in our DNA, whether from a marketing standpoint or through the services we offer to our clients.

Once again, we sought to improve what already exists. Through influencer marketing, we help brands communicate to their audience, drawing on the expertise of their influencers. Then, we amplify these campaigns on social media. This is our expertise.

Today, we offer to brands a way to further capitalise on their influencer marketing campaigns with a brand new product : native retargeting. We combined the two most efficient solutions of digital marketing : native advertising and retargeting.

1. What is retargeting?

The term was introduced in 2007 due to the success of Criteo. Originally, retargeting aims to carry advertising to visitors who left the website of a brand.

What are the benefits for a brand? The results of this type of advertising are much higher than traditional banner ads, whether in terms of visit duration on the brand website, users engagement rate with the content, conversion tracking, and customer retention (source) etc…

2. What is native advertising ?

It is a form of advertising perfectly integrated to the content that the user reads, for example in the Facebook Newsfeed, Twitter feed… Content is more qualitative compared to traditional ads. The user is at the center of the device – it’s no longer the advertising message or the product.

What are the benefits for a brand? Native advertising offers a higher click-through rate and a better engagement. In this context of advertising malaise where the CTR went from 10% in 2000 to 0,01% in 2014, Facebook offered an average CTR of 2% in 2014 (source).

3. What is native retargeting ?

Native retargeting consists of disseminating native advertising to the web users that have read sponsored posts of an influencer marketing campaign of a brand.

What are the benefits for a brand? This solution combines the advantages of native advertising and retargeting but not only. An infographic will explain it better, I let you discover the advantages of native retargeting:

retargeting infographics

You can click on the image to enlarge it.

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