Short Videos: The indispensable marketing tool for your content strategy in 2018

The “short video” responds to a growing consumer preference for clear, concise content. In an era where consumers are increasingly mobile, busy, and inundated with information, marketers have to adapt. What characterizes this successful new ad format? You’ve probably already watched one yourself. Typically less than a minute long, short videos are compact clips which feature attractive images overlayed with easily legible text.  

The top video marketing stats for 2018:

Video Marketing in 2018

According to Cisco, video traffic will constitute 82% of all consumer web traffic by 2021. The numbers from 2017 however speak for themselves:

    • 45% of users watched an hour or more of video each day, according to Hubspot.
    • 79% of consumers would rather watch a video than read an article about a product or service, reported Wyzowl.
    • 91% of online users have already watched a short explanatory video.
    • 50% of users watch a video about a product before going to the store, according to Google.
    • 84% of consumers have already bought something they saw in an online video.
    • 43% of consumers want to see more video content in 2018, Hubspot.

Why the short video is so successful

While short videos work naturally with social media, they can also be powerful tools for websites. Placing a short informational video or a rapid tutorial on a product page can inform and engage a potential customer much faster than simple text. Video marketing has permitted marketers to adapt to a new form of information consumption; one that requires speed and imagery.

To the point and impactful, from the very first second.

With a small production time and budget, marketers can create emotionally-driven narratives that inspire high engagement and shares.

The entertaining aspect.

Short videos can communicate a wealth of information (news, marketing offers, trends, facts) without overwhelming or boring a consumer. When done right, short videos are fun. Catchy tunes accompanied by the occasional voice off and graphics are a few of the components that make a good clip.

Their mobility is unmatched.

YouTube reported that more than half of their users watch videos via a mobile device. For ComScore, users spend on average 40 minutes per day watching YouTube videos on their phones. On Twitter, close to 92% of video views come from mobile devices. Whether they’re drinking their coffee, commuting, waiting, or walking, there are a million moments during the day when consumers can, and are, watching videos on their phones.

Video among the top 12 content trends that are shaping the future of digital marketing:

Integrating short video into your B2B content marketing strategy.

A recent Content Marketing Institute study showed that 60 % of marketers in B2B use video content. What’s more, 30 % of those respondents affirmed that video would be at the heart of their content marketing strategy in 2018.

What can short videos actually do for B2Bs? Here is a list of the immediate benefits:

    1. Facilitate the understanding of your products/ services. Notably, for explaining the qualities of your products or services and showing audiences how they’re used. Visual demonstrations create a feeling of trust with your prospective client.
    2. Communicate a lot in a little time. Since videos can transmit key information about your product in record time, they’re the perfect medium for highlighting your company to busy professionals. The message is thus not only more digestible to your audience but better received.
    3. With short videos, visitors actually stick around longer. Sounds like a paradox but users tend to devote more time to exploring your media channels if they contain these short, super-packed clippets of relevant information. It makes the content more accessible which boosts engagement and draws in new visitors..
    4. Get more out of your content. The format of short videos lends itself to existing content. For example, one blog piece can be transformed into 2 or 3 short videos. Each of these minute long montages can highlight a key concept, a definition, or the stand-out stats from the article. Brands can produce their own or simply pull from sites that offer video clips for this purpose. Whatever your strategy is, don’t pass up on this easy way to capitalize on your old content!

A short video that exemplifies a B2B video strategy: 

The short video trend isn’t going away. On the contrary, it will only intensify. As live streaming and immersive technology like 360°, VR, and AR become more readily available, the web is going to explode with video content. Marketers need to anticipate this flood and adjust their content strategies. In 2018, video marketing is no longer a question, but the reality.


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