Upfluence gets a revamp for 2017!

The beginning of the year is the time for traditions such as well wishing and, for some of us, resolutions – short-lived or not! At Upfluence, our resolution for 2017 is to communicate our expertise more efficiently to all those we work with; our clients, suppliers, visitors to our website and, of course, not forgetting our team members and business partners.

This new communication approach means giving Upfluence a complete rebrand. To do so, we called upon the help of the Swiss agency Enigma whose reputed brand image speaks for itself.

By reading this article, you are already seeing first-hand Upfluence’s new look. However, we’d like to take this moment to explain to you in further detail the symbols and colours we’ve chosen, which represent our identity as a technological company working in the field of influencer marketing.

A clear identity that stands out in a competitive industry

Influencer marketing is the trendy buzzword at agencies right now, and brands are going crazy for it. Service offers won’t be outdone either, with talent management agencies and new influencer training academies cropping up, as well as more innovative content formats. It’s hard to stand out in 2017, even when you have something as differentiating as Upfluence’s service offer – technology dedicated to influencer marketing.

Enigma very quickly directed our choice towards two options: technology – our core business – and mystery, so as to communicate simply on the complex development of our solution (for more, see our article on Upfluence Software).

The 4 elements recognisable to all

Influencer marketing, above all, tells stories told by influencers who have to be authentic and convincing in order to communicate efficiently. To portray this idea of storytelling, we started with an image of people gathered around a campfire, to give an essence of shamanistic mystery with a set of pictograms inspired by the 4 elements:

  • Fire, to symbolise influence
  • Water, to symbolise the spreading of information
  • Earth, to symbolise the data on which we have founded our approach
  • Air, to symbolise the expansive dimension of influence
  • Finally, the human element – at the heart of digital communication
Symbolization of the 4 elements in 15 pictograms

To stand out even more from the traditional tech galaxy (generalised flat design, pastels or single gradient shades), we chose vibrant colours to represent the warm communication we have with our clients and partners. The chosen typeface, GT Eesti, has a rich history that begins in the 1940’s USSR  (learn more here). To our advantage it goes hand in hand with the pictograms we selected, and its ‘medium’ version gives a breath of fresh air to our communication supports.

Set of pictograms already used across our website

2017 is, then, the year for renewal. We wish you a very happy new year, one full of success and as colourful as our new website!

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