Upfluence selected to integrate the HPE promotion 2016 – Press release

Press release

Upfluence has become the newest member of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s “startup program, which helps 30 lucky start-ups a year to accelerate their growth with guidance from HPE’s very own experts. The selection was made in accordance with a strict selection process including a pitch before a jury of experts. 

Leader in influencer marketing

Upfluence, now considered a leader in influencer marketing, will receive the direct guidance of Christophe Fontaine, the product team manager of servers, storage, and network at HPE. In addition to his mentorship, Upfluence will have access to a new network of investors and the opportunity to attend various workshops and conferences throughout the program. 

christophe fontaine

Christophe Fontaine, product team manager at HPE, and project sponsor for the promo start up 2016

C. Fontaine describes his role: “Beyond new forms of communication through social networks, we shouldn’t forget the human aspect. I will be placing all my experience at the disposal of Upfluence, focusing on the relationship with the company and key influencers.”

Influencer marketing, Upfluence’s main source of income, is a booming market. A study conducted by Tomoson showed that 59% of marketing experts will increase their budget dedicated to influencer marketing in 2016. Why so popular? McKinsey esteems that marketing by word of mouth generates exponentially more sales than paid online advertising.

With its 25 employees scattered over San Francisco, Neuchâtel and Lyon, Upfluence develops technological solutions for influencer and content marketing. The company uses its own proprietary algorithms to identify key influencers for its customers and manage campaigns. They offer a new path for brands trying to break into the social sphere of their consumers. Upfluence distinguishes itself from its competitors by effectively increasing their clients  visibility without the use of intrusive online advertising.

Since their founding in 2013, Upfluence has successfully positioned itself in key industries (Luxury, High-Tech, IAA…) and plays a central role in ensuring the success of its clients including Microsoft, EDF, Paypal or Victorinox.

Contact Upfluence :

Nicolas Miachon – CMO

[email protected]

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