Connect:Collab:Create key takeaways on social commerce

On Wednesday 22nd September Upfluence held its first virtual summit Connect:Collab:Create, diving into the best strategies for social commerce success. During 4 live sessions with guest speakers from Shopify, Klaviyo, Atfluence, Plai, and Tiege Hanley, our experts shared their knowledge on leveraging influencer marketing to drive online sales. From campaign planning to amplifying ROI, commerce trends and data-driven strategies, we covered everything you need to know to maximize e-commerce sales.

Let’s break-down the key takeaways from each of the live sessions, and don’t forget you can get in-depth insight by watching the full event replay.

connect:collab:create takeaways

Download Connect:Collab:Create Key takeaways at a glance

Seamless social commerce is the future

Brands need to offer a seamless purchase journey by leveraging social commerce to stay ahead of customers’ expectations and maximize opportunities for sales.

Leverage your data for impactful marketing

Harnessing existing customer data is key to identifying and activating revenue-generating brand ambassadors.

Repurpose influencer content for better paid ads

Repurposing quality influencer content across other digital channels is cost-effective, grows reach & generates additional value from your investment.

Tailor campaign strategies to meet your goals

Planning your campaign goals and KPIs at the start is essential to shape the rest of the campaign and help you effectively measure success & ROI at the end. 

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