How to Convince Your Advertiser Client to Get Into Influencer Marketing

Many marketing strategies use multiple tactics and channels for achieving results, from content marketing to search engine marketing. Influencer marketing is becoming a common addition to campaigns due to its high ROI and impact on other marketing efforts. An article from Forbes reports that businesses earn $6.50 for each dollar they put into influencer marketing plans. Adweek found that 59 percent of companies are planning on increasing influencer marketing budgets, based on their results. Nowadays, display Ads effectiveness is decreasing and Adblock’s success reflects a digital environment that’s wary of blatant advertisement. Incorporating influencer marketing services gives you a valuable option for helping your clients seeking better performance in advertising.

Boosted Benefits

Sponsored posts, which are considered a large part of native advertising, feature content written by yourself, your client or the influencer. This content is distributed through the influencer’s platform, whether that’s owned media such as a blogs or rented platforms such as social media profiles. Since the sponsored post comes from the influencer, it comes across as a word-of-mouth recommendation from the influencer to his audience. This recommendation improves click-through rates, and also helps increase purchase intent in the audience.

how to convince
Example of a Sponsored Article for Paypal, with associated stats & cost. Native Campaign executed by Upfluence

The audience is far more likely to look at a sponsored post than a banner ad or another form of advertising, to the tune of 53 percent higher visibility. Similar to content marketing, sponsored posts offer value to the reader but it also comes from someone whose opinion he already trusts. The established authority conveys the reader’s trust from the influencer to your sponsored content. Indeed, according to an infographic published by the Shelf,  90% of customers trust recommendations from other people. Sponsored posts are intended to increase your client’s brand awareness and trust, drive conversions and provide a high ROI marketing option.

A Complement Of Other Marketing Actions

Influencer marketing complements other strategies you implement in advertising campaigns for your clients. The earned media value (EMV) for influencer marketing campaigns in the packaged goods industry is $14.29, which had the highest performance, and a $9.60 EMV for every $1 spent. The amplification impact from an influencer campaign brings awareness to other parts of a marketing campaign, improving the success of actions such as releasing videos or coordinating events for your client. Even when you aren’t specifically running an influencer marketing campaign, you’re interacting with influencers through social media, distribution channels and other channels. It makes sense to leverage the relationships you’re already developing.


Benefits from Offering Influencer Marketing Services

Increasing the performance, reach and ROI of a marketing strategy is an important part of efficiently running an agency. You want to use available resources as appropriately as possible, which is why offering influencer marketing services makes sense. You improve the performance of your overall marketing campaign by amplifying other marketing actions, increasing the campaign’s reach, and building audience trust for your clients. Convince and Convert found 61 percent of online consumers make purchases based on recommendations through blogs, showing how heavily influencers affect the buying decision.

how to convince 2Bloggers and Brands relationships, an infographic by the Abbi Agency

Therefore, you’re also improving your agency’s reputation for offering effective marketing services, which allows you to attract more clients, justify an increase in your service price, and strengthen the relationships with your current clients. Influencer marketing is a value-added service that gives your agency an excellent way of improving the long-term impact of current and future campaigns. Hootsuite found agencies who aren’t incorporating influencers into marketing campaigns are in danger of losing a competitive advantage.

While it’s tempting to focus solely on performance strategies for your advertising clients, adding influencer marketing to the mix boosts other marketing actions, builds trust and reputation with their audience, and creates long-lasting relationships with influencers. It may not be as quick off the mark as other strategies, but the long-term benefits are worth the slower build-up time.

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