Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Agencies

When Instagram first came to the social media scene in 2010, nobody really took it seriously, especially businesses. After all, it was just a platform to post your photos, which is what Facebook and many others were already providing anyway. Hundreds of updates and a few years later, Instagram is now one of the leading social media platforms, with more than 1 billion monthly active users as of 2018. Nowadays, businesses thrive off of Instagram, they are often called Social Media or Instagram agencies.

As Instagram’s popularity surged, brands and businesses started to pay more attention to this platform. Nowadays, it is known as the best influencer marketing platform. Instagram influencer marketing is a huge, multi-billion dollar market and many businesses have used it to their advantage. Brands like Revolve built their entire business model around it, making more than $700 million in sales from influence marketing.

Instagram is very closely connected with the term influencer, and it’s to no surprise to see that most of the influencers use it to build their brand. However, businesses also picked up on this and added a twist of their own — researching specific influencer demographics to find influencers who will promote and endorse their brand. And if you can find a lot of influencers on a platform, you will also find agencies.

Social Media Marketing agencies or in this case — Instagram agencies provide a lot of useful services to both businesses and influencers. Their part in the whole influencer marketing industry is irreplaceable as they bring a lot of value while making it way easier at the same time. Even just an average Instagram marketing agency will offer a lot of different services to businesses.

What Services do Instagram Agencies Offer?

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Any marketer looking to work with an agency wants to know exactly what services does that agency offer. Well, when it comes to Instagram agencies, they offer multiple services and each one of those serves an important purpose. Some Social Media Marketing agencies for Instagram may offer all of these services in one package, or they can offer them separately, depending on the client’s needs.

There are six important services and we are going to cover each one of them in this article.

Account Management & Content Generation

The core service of most SMM agencies usually involves management and content generation. This comes down to running an account, publishing (and also curating) content, optimizing new and already existing posts and also responding and engaging with the audience. Basically, they provide the answer to questions such as — What, How, Where, When and Why to post content while also managing it.

An Instagram agency will spend its time analyzing your business & your target audience in order to come up with a good content strategy to boost the brand name. The most important thing with this service is that the agency completely understands the brand’s overall image, so they can perfectly reflect that message with their content. After this, they will come up with scheduled posts & stories that compel the audience to engage with your brand.

Carefully picked, optimized & properly published content will yield way more results than just random posts that lead nowhere. This is why it is very important to pick the agency with a proven record, as they will be truly able to create high-quality content that stands out.

Account Growth

Instagram agencies may also offer account growth services. This will often come naturally as a result of great management and awesome content that’s getting published, but there are additional services that focus only on the growth, rather than the overall brand image.

These services often include methods such as “follow/unfollow”, like and comments on random user’s posts to get them to visit your page. We would always advise against this specific service, as some agencies are known to use bots to do this job for them, which can lead to shadowbanning and ultimately ruin your account.

Influencer Outreach

An important aspect of social media marketing is networking and outreach. Social influencer agency offers outreach services to find Instagram influencers related to your business’ niche. Using influencers to grow your business is a proven formula, as mentioned in the introduction, and it will certainly lead to positive results.

Instagram agencies may outreach to influencers for various reasons — to engage with their content, get noticed, ask for shout-outs or to hire them for influencer marketing purposes. This is a great service, especially for working with influencers, as that can be a quite hard & frustrating experience. That’s where Instagram agency comes into the play — they will research, vet, contact and manage influencers for you, making it a lot easier.

Advertising (Paid Social Media Marketing)

Many businesses rely on advertising to reach their customers, and it’s no different on Instagram. If you browse your Instagram feed, you will often notice many sponsored posts from topics related to you — there’s a good chance that an Instagram agency took care of that.

Instagram agencies will run your advertising campaign for you, creating images, writing words and managing it all through the platform. The Instagram platform uses the same advertising tools like Facebook, which are proven to be very powerful and effective. It’s an effective marketing strategy, yes — but it’s also very complex. There a lot of different ways to advertise your content, so it’s always a good idea to invest in an agency that knows how to do it properly.

If you’re not entirely confident that you can do it yourself, it’s best to invest in an Instagram agency to take care of it for you, and you will also save a lot of money that would’ve gone to waste with a bad strategy.

Data & Analytics

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Instagram provides its users with a lot of useful data about their page. In the “Insights” tab, businesses can find relevant information to see how well are their posts and stories performing. If you analyze this data correctly, you can find out what works and what doesn’t, and you can optimize your strategy to improve your results.

Instagram agencies analyze all the data that’s available to them, so they can come up with a good content strategy for their clients. By analyzing your target audience, posts performance and brand image, it is easy to come up with an effective social media strategy.

Many agencies will also provide clients with a monthly report of their performance, with all of this data covered. Based on this information, businesses can determine whether their money is going in the right direction or not.

Customer Service

Customer service is account management taken to the next level. In this case, your agency will act as a customer service representative for your business and solve problems for them right there on the spot. Many of your customers will decide to reach out to you on social media regarding their issues, and that’s why it’s always helpful to have someone who can help them at all times. Agencies help them with answers, redirect them to a proper place where they can get their problem solved and most importantly — they do it in a timely manner.

SMM agencies act as a middle-man between your customer and you, allowing you to meet their needs more efficiently.


Some Social Media Marketing agencies also offer consultation services, in which they advise businesses on how to approach their social media strategy. Rather than doing the work themselves, they simply consult and guide their clients through it.

Upfluence as an Instagram Agency

As an SMM agency, Upfluence assists businesses with everything related to influencer marketing by providing expert guidance and high-end software. With Upfluence, each marketing campaign is unique and tailored to the client’s needs to make sure it’s as effective as possible.

Usually, we work with brands providing them with full campaign management services but we also provide other professional services such as consulting and strategizing for those who want to do the grunt work themselves.

At Upfluence, each one of our clients gets a special, unique treatment. Each brand is carefully examined, and a strategy is created to ensure that the brand’s needs are met. Our ultimate goal is to develop a brand image above their own expectations of themselves. Often times, we get to know our clients better than they know themselves, and that folks is what brings results.

The full campaign management service is done in three steps:


When it comes to influencer marketing, the most important aspect of a good campaign is influencer selection — finding the perfect influencers to work with. As an influencer talent agency, we pay particular attention to this crucial step. Our goal is to find influencers who match our client’s image & vision, their audience and are able to present every element in the best light possible.

First off, our clients are presented with a list of pre-screened influencers to pick, backed by statistics and data. This is done to make sure each choice is outstanding, clear of any scams such as fake followers or any other undesirable aspects. Our knowledgeable Influencer Marketing experts and exceptional software allow us to conduct an in-depth data analysis of all influencers that are then presented to our clients. This step will identify only the best influencers with high-quality content and an engaged audience.

With only good choices on their hands, our clients pick their desired influencers based on our recommendations and we move on to the next step.


Once the identification process is done, in which brand’s goals are set and influencers are selected, the campaign moves on to the hardest part — management. All the selected influencers are contacted through our platform software and a connection between the brand and influencers is finally made. After that, we go over the details of the campaign with each selected influencer and brands alike, to make sure both parties are equally satisfied.

Since each campaign is fully customized depending on the client, the campaign’s success will come down to building a perfect relationship with influencers and the brand itself — introducing them to the brand, explaining its image and goals. After all that, influencers are encouraged to come up with their own creative ways to meet the client’s needs (We provide them with the brief endorsement guidelines beforehand). Since influencers know their audience better than anyone, they will optimize the content for maximum marketing potential but it is often pre-screened or monitored by our influencer marketing experts.

The crucial part of this step is creating that deep connection between the influencer and the brand, to make sure the influencers fully understand what the client’s expectations are, which always leads to a successful campaign.  


Successful influencer marketing campaigns always rely heavily on data, statistics, and monitoring. Since we will be testing different influencers and content, we need to know what works the best for our clients. At Upfluence, a heavy emphasis is put on analysis – monitoring and optimizing the current influencer campaign, which will always lead to better results.  

By tracking impressions, reach, engagement rates, conversions and more — the campaign succeeds by following only the most profitable methods of Instagram marketing. When all testing is finished, we finally have a fully optimized influencer campaign with high return on investment.

Delivering Results

To this day, Upfluence has kept all of our full management clients happy. Customizing campaigns for each individual client ensured that not a single campaign has failed so far, and we plan to keep it that way. With leading influencer marketing technology and experts on our call, we pride ourselves to be the best influencer marketing agency out there.

Nescafé AZERA Campaign

Upfluence partnered up with Nescafé to tell their story and promote their newest product — AZERA Intenso Espresso coffee, to the Swiss market. The goal of the campaign was to tell a unique and engaging story about their freshest line of coffee, and we did precisely that.

After discussing the brand’s vision and declaring campaign goals, Upfluence recruited some of the best Swiss influencers to tell a compelling story about their new line of high-quality coffee. With a carefully planned strategy, involving influencer workshops and the use of Instagram stories and posts to tell a story, the campaign quickly gained traction within the target audience — young men & women residing in Switzerland.

The campaign managed to meet all of it’s projected goals, achieving a 332% greater reach, with content engagement that beat our goal with 391% more results than desired. Needless to say, the influencer marketing campaign was a success and AZERA Intenso Espresso is now one of the trendiest coffee products amongst the Swiss youth.

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If you want to know more about this campaign, you can find the full case study by clicking here.


In this day and age, Social Media Marketing is certainly among the most important things for businesses who want to gain online recognition. As we explored in this article, there are many different methods to leverage social media to your advantage, from paid advertisements all the way to influencer marketing. Managing your social media accounts and marketing campaigns can be a difficult task, especially when you have a business to run — and that’s why SMM agencies exist to ease your pains.

Using Instagram agencies for things like influencer marketing can make your business thrive in the online world, and it’s worth giving it a shot.  

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