Podcast: Influencers Challenge the Hierarchy of the Fashion Industry.

Out with the old, in with the new!

The hierarchy of the fashion industry is being dismantled by, you guessed it: influencers.

Filling the front rows of events like NYC fashion week, self-made bloggers are pushing out celebrities and top media correspondents. Tragic? It depends on who you ask. For advertisers, the intimate connection audiences feel with influencers is priceless.

In the era of Instagram, authenticity reigns supreme … So say goodbye to no-name models, because influencers bring ‘automatic personality’ to brands.

With new voices come new trends. Everything is moving towards video!” Industry insider, Jenn Barthole from Shape Magazine, explains:

  • Exactly how these media mavens are taking over
  • What the future holds for brands
  • Who the current power players are
  • … and even shares her secrets to becoming an influencer!

Tune in for a quick 101 on ‘engagement factor’ the new influencer trend that’s reshaping fashion.


Image result for revolve influencers
Image: Revolve Fashion Influencer Event “Pop Up Store in the Hamptons” via Instagram.

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