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Today, we are glad to welcome Andrea, founder of the blog Through this interview, Andrea takes us behind the scenes of her blog, inspirational ! Discover it !

Can you introduce yourself and your blog ?

My name is Andrea, I’m French, and I’m the co-founder of A blog launched with a friend Rebecca 4 years ago during a summer interRail trip around Europe. Basically, we started to write a lot about this trip just only for our closest friends and family, but after the magic of Internet we were really surprised to have new readers everyday (thanks Google Analytics). Then when the trip finished we went back to Paris and we developed some new categories. Also, we decided to write about different topics/passions that we both have. We both live in London at the moment.

What are your editorial habits ?

We write our own content with love but we have some guest post as we let, times to times other blogger write a travel-story in our blog. Most of the time I take my own pictures… Maybe because I’m passionate about photography, I even create a photos Diary rendez-vous in my blog. But we are also using picture from the Creative Common license to illustrate some articles that we don’t have the appropriate images. And most of the time when we interview someone we use his own pictures and we lovely add his credit.

How do you use social networks ? Which one do you prefer ?

Social networks were so helpful for us at the beginning, and well it’s presently still the case. It’s THE place where we met new peoples as readers, bloggers or professionals. We use a lot Twitter but we’re on Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Bloglovin and Hellocoton. We use a lot Twitter for the blog but I personally prefer Snapchat as I can enjoy the creative content of my favorite media (like Refinery 29, Mashable, etc.) or influencer… Plus I also follow some visual artists and well let’s be honest some funny people. I try to put nice and surprising content of my travels or my everyday life.

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What are the meaningful moments of the development of the blog ?

There’s many important moments related to the development of my blog but I think that one of the most relevant for us was when we started to network in events and conferences, as we show up, exchange and talk with a lot of people and professionals in the press and public relation work environment. Then, just a few weeks after we were invited to our first press trip. And other meaningful moment where when we changed the whole design of the blog, two years ago.

Furthermore I decide recently to change the name of the blog as I think renewal is so important in a digital environment, so From Europe with Love became Few Love.

Who’s your target ?

No specific target… As our reader can be my father in law who’s 60 years old and living in Venezuela or any curious who share the same passion as us. And of course our blog is full of traveler suggestions, so travel (lover)s are very welcomed !

Which are the most popular categories of your blog ?

Our popular category so far is “Travel”.

Where do you find inspiration ?

I found my inspiration in the daily life, traveling and observing people. So most of the time my inspiration comes from the real life, but I would lie if I say than I don’t scroll the web to find some blogging tips and inspiration. So yes I admitted, but I truly think than inspiration comes from culture, what’s around me and the exchange with people.

A little message for Upfluence ?

Thanks to Upfluence, such a pleasure to work with a very professional marketing agency ! It makes the blogging world going up and up

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