How do we define an influencer?

Before writing this article I researched as a user (lambda) the term “Influencer” on Wikipedia. We can find two concepts for the term ‘”influencer”. The first meaning refers to a phenomenon of persuasion. Person “A” talks a person “B” (in search of a new smartphone for example) that its new phone is the best on the market.

The second meaning of the word “influencer” is linked to a phenomenon of mimicry. To illustrate this definitiation, we can take for example the French haute couture brands that influences fashion brands on the materials and colors that are fashionable.
The most important thing to remember about the term “influence” is that for some it is the product of the will of a group of people looking to be affiliated to an opinion. For others, the influence is a search for identity.
The influencer is a beacon for opinions on a specific topic. We can understand the term “opinion leader” as a process of psychological influence and / or mimicry. The influencer passes his opinions and practices to the community the same way a leader would.

So to identify an influencer, you need to look at its ability to create interactions on a given topic. The influencer develops a leadership specific to one topic he masters with a real power of persuasion.

Finally the audience of the influencer is also a massively important parameter, and by audience we are talking about the community of people valuing his/her opinion. It is rather easy to evaluate this audience especially with the PageRank and AlexaRank its site / blog or the number of his facebook community, twitter, google+, instagram …

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