How to supercharge your influencer strategy with brand insights

In the race to develop the next viral influencer campaign, it’s important for brands to pause long enough to take stock of the current trends in influencer marketing and understand the features of the top-performing campaigns from companies in their industry. With 57% of fashion and beauty brands using influencer marketing, and the number expected to keep rising, your influencer strategy needs to stand out from the crowd. Instead of being overwhelmed by the myriad influencer campaigns in your industry, get under the skin of the most successful campaigns with brand influence insights from Upfluence. See which brands are getting the best results from influencer marketing and apply new insights to your own influencer marketing strategy. With a range of different metrics to analyze, let’s explore how brand influence data can support your campaign planning. 

Insight in an instant 

There are some key KPIs that demonstrate a brand’s level of influence, including: 

  • Number of followers
  • Follower evolution over time
  • Number of engagements 
  • Engagement evolution over time

These data points give insights into how fast brand influence is growing, how big a brand’s social reach is, and to what extent a brand’s audience is actively engaged. Knowing which businesses are the most influential within your niche is the basis for smarter influencer marketing planning from the start. With a real-time view of brands’ performance and the possibility to look back over recent months, marketing professionals can use Upfluence Brand Influence Reports to quickly understand the growth rate of brands’ social presence and factors that might affect this. 

Viewing the peaks and troughs in a company’s performance will help you pin-point which posts, influencers, and techniques generate the best results for certain brands. For example, the bridal wear brand Revelry saw a sharp growth in followers in June, which can be attributed to their Giveaway contest inviting participants to follow their brand account in order to be entered into the draw.

WholeFoods also showed a record month of engagements in May, as seen by the post below which has over 20K likes compared to the supermarket’s average number of likes which Upfluence data shows at 6.3K. These data insights show how in this case, resharing content from a lifestyle and health influencer has boosted the performance of their brand account.

Upfluence brand influence data builds a comprehensive picture of how companies are performing and allows for further analysis into the driving factors behind the businesses with the highest level of influence. The key metrics displayed in the brand reports give an indication of the wider context of brand performance and help brands understand their social positioning in relation to their competitors. 

Compare competitor performance 

The key to developing an influencer strategy that drives results for your brand is to utilize competitor insight to your advantage. Influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram are becoming an increasingly important strategy for digital marketers, with 89% claiming it to be the most important and impactful social media channel for influencer marketing. With this in mind, a thorough understanding of how your competitors are utilizing influencer marketing ensures you’re aware of their campaigns’ strengths and weaknesses and in a prime position to find opportunities to set yourself apart. 

Competitor insights also help brands to develop an influencer strategy that will resonate with their target audience. Upfluence Brand Reports display the Instagram audience demographic data for brand accounts, including the gender split and age break-down of their audience, as well as the most represented countries. This detailed break-down helps brands to identify key areas of audience overlap as well as new audiences that are not currently targeted by their competitors. Once you have an understanding of the audience segments you want to reach on Instagram, your influencer strategy should focus on finding influencers who naturally appeal to your typical demographic. 

Comparing your performance to that of similar brands, allows you to analyze your current position by asking questions like: which brands pose the biggest threat? Which KPI do I need to improve on? Where do I outperform my competitors? This, in turn, can help you build an influencer marketing strategy that has clear goals based on data insights from brands you aspire to be like. 

Frameworks for success

Supercharging your influencer strategy has never been easier with direct insights into the campaigns delivering the best results. From our selection of over 100 brand influence reports, view how companies with similar products and audiences have been leading the way with their recent influencer campaigns. Get to know the anatomy of a winning influencer campaign with access to data on each brand’s top-performing Instagram posts and their most active influencers. Analyzing the features of posts with the highest engagements will reveal the underlying framework to their successful strategy. 

Insights on the content format, text, hashtags, and call to actions that generate the most engagement will offer ideas to be replicated and adapted as part of your own influencer strategy. A look at Burberry’s top 10 posts reveals photos that showcase their signature #BurberryCheck garner the most engagements from their audience, offering lessons about how to feature products within social content.

Further illustrating the power of influencer content is Everlane’s top post, featuring Selena Gomez wearing one of their shirts, showing how brands can repurpose content to boost their own social media performance.

It’s clear that before launching your next influencer campaign, it’s important to have a clear picture of the most successful campaigns of recent months as lessons from our selection of influential brands will give your brand a competitive advantage and insights on the up to date best practices that are not to be missed. 

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