Implement an Impactful Influencer Marketing Strategy This Easter

How to use the Easter holiday period to reach more consumers by creating an influencer content marketing strategy.

Not only is Easter a peaceful holiday that’s celebrated worldwide but it’s an important period for brands too, especially chocolate brands.

Most brands increase their marketing efforts over this period in order to maximize their revenue streams and stay ahead of their competitors.

Here are a few stats that show the importance of this festive period for many French brands:

  • Over 70 million easter products, including eggs, bells, and chocolate bunnies, are sold in supermarkets during this period. This amounts to around 15,180 tons of product.
  • During 2015, Europe generated a total of 294 million Euros in turnover through Easter and chocolate product-related sales.
  • According to Euro monitor, France ranks 10th among the world’s biggest consumers of chocolate with 4,2 kg of chocolate being consumed per person per year.

Marketing during Easter

So what can businesses do to increase brand awareness and sales during the Easter period?

  • Launch a new product in time for the Easter period
  • Create a fun competition
  • Host an event
  • Run a promotion or offer a discount on certain products
  • Increase your content marketing efforts

Out of all of these marketing opportunities, content marketing has the potential to make the biggest impact. Because of the upcoming holidays, consumers generally have a lot more time to spend online and on social media, which means, the more active you are online, the greater the chance that consumers will be engaging with your brand more often, keeping your products top of mind during this period.

How influencers can enhance your content marketing strategy

So just how powerful is influencer marketing and why should your brand incorporate this tactic into your Easter content strategy?

  • 86% of the most-viewed beauty videos on YouTube were created by influencers, compared to 14% that were created by beauty brands themselves.
  • Over 47% of online customers now use Adblock technology so one of the best ways to reach them is to provide them with content they want from the people they trust.
  • 74% of consumers will turn to social media before making purchase decisions.

Reaching out to consumers using content has become one of the most effective marketing strategies for brands from a variety of different sectors and when you add influencers to the mix, you automatically boost your content’s integrity. In fact, 57% of marketers say that their influencer marketing efforts perform better than any brand-created assets.

Content marketing works so well because it’s a form of native advertising. It doesn’t interrupt the user’s experience and it adds value to their lives in the form of education or entertainment. By creating relevant and unique content that is backed by a well-known personality, your brand will experience an increase in engagement and sales during this busy period. This is because an influencer’s community is already interested and engaged, meaning their followers and fans sit up and pay attention when they have something to say.

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Optimizing your content strategy using influencers

With the help of the Upfluence team, below are the steps that your brand would take to incorporate influencers into your content marketing strategy for the Easter period.

  1. Decide on a target audience or community. Before you start looking at influencer options or develop your content strategy, it’s important to identify the audience and communities that you want to speak to. Many brands target various customer segments that all have different interests, this means you’ll need to create unique content that appeals to a specific segment if you want it to be effective. By clearing identifying the communities you want to target, you’ll have a better overview of how they spend their time online and how you can reach out to them across various platforms. At Upfluence, our operational team will help identify and select influencers using your specific target audience and our latest software that groups together millions of influencers from around the world and pairs them up with the particular community that you’re looking to speak to.
  2. Share your brand’s story. Now that you know which audience your brand will be speaking to, you can decide which influencers you would like to approach about content development and promotion. Have your brand’s story as well as a few content ideas ready and decide how you would like to incorporate the influencer into your content before you approach them. When choosing an influencer to represent your brand, the Upfluence team will ensure that they match your brand’s identity and values to the right influencer and that there’s an open line of communication around what’s expected from both parties. By devising a strategy that’s beneficial for both parties, you create trust and will attract the right types of influencers.
  3. Develop and track your content. Once your brand has partnered with an appropriate influencer, you can start planning and developing your content and finalizing your promotional plans. Upfluence clients receive regular in-depth reports that look at the performance of their influencer content and marketing efforts. The reports will help you understand how your audience is reacting to your content by tracking interactions, clicks and analyzing the overall tone generated by the campaign. These detailed reports leave your brand with invaluable data that can be used to develop more effective marketing campaigns throughout the rest of the year.

Will your brand be developing a content marketing campaign specifically for Easter?

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