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Bram Reusen was born and raised in Belgium. Founder of the blog travel-experience-, Bram tells us more about his life as a traveler but also as a blogger. Discover his blog now !

1. Hello Bram, can you introduce yourself and your blog travel-experience- ?

My full name is Bram Reusen and I was born and raised in a small town near Antwerp, Belgium. My first solo trip happened in 2010, when I boarded a plane (my very first flight) to Australia to go and spend nine month backpacking and working my way around Oz. During my time Down Under, I kept a small blog to keep friends and family back home informed about what I was up to, a blog that eventually grew into Travel. Experience. Live. Now, I am based in Virginia, USA, where I live with my American wife, whom, incidentally, I met in Australia. I don’t travel full-time, but rather go on one extended trip a year to a region I’ve never been to and spend the rest of my time exploring “my backyard.” It’s surprising how much there is to do close to home, no matter where you live. Now, my website focuses on local travel, the outdoors, historic places and photography.

2. What are your editorial habits ? (I write my own content, someone writes for me, someone proofreads me, I take my own pictures for the blog, I post a lot of videos ect…)

Almost everything that gets published on Travel. Experience. Live. is written and proofread by myself, with the exception of the occasional guest post. As photography is a vital part of my website, I always take my own pictures.

3. How do you use social networks ? Which one do you prefer ?

My two favorite social networks are Facebook and Instagram, hands down. I believe that Facebook is still the best platform to communicate with followers, while Instagram is simply an amazing place to share great travel photos. Additionally, I also spent time on Pinterest, which is the platform that brings in most traffic. I’m not a fan of Twitter or Google+.

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4. What are the meaningful moments of the development of the blog ?

Definitely the most significant change to the blog was the transition from Blogger to WordPress, which took place quite early on and is simply something that is mandatory for anyone wanting to build a website. At around the same time I moved the blog to WordPress, I also began writing in English as opposed to my native Dutch, which has been a tremendous improvement in terms of readership and audience numbers. I’ve changed the blog’s focus a few times as well, mostly in order to find my voice, a niche of some sorts. The decision to start zooming in on travel photography and give photos a prominent place on the blog, rather than text, has worked well so far.

5. Who’s your target ?

I write about things that I like, as opposed to things that I think people might like. I write mainly for myself and when I write, I don’t have an audience in mind, really. I simply focus on my own passions. Therefore, the people that visit my website are nearly always people who have similar interests. Looking at the stats, my readers seem to be young adults, between 20 and 35 years old, who like history and hiking and are looking for some inspiration and travel ideas. The vast majority of my readers are from the US.

6. Which are the most popular categories of your blog ?

The great outdoors, history, healthy living and photography

7. Where do you find inspiration ?

I devour books. I read everything from fictional novels to books about entrepreneurship to travel magazines and guidebooks. However, because I work online and already spend much of my day in front of a computer, I very rarely read other blogs or online publications. I prefer reading actual, physical books. Books are my sole source of inspiration.

8. A little message for Upfluence ?

Never settle for anything. Pursue your passions, do what excites you, no matter what it is. Don’t accept advice from people without any personal experience; all they offer are opinions, not factual knowledge. Choose you sources and role models wisely. Explore, read, experiment. Mistakes litter the path to wisdom. Don’t do thing you really don’t want to do. Live your life your way.


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