Our Top Holiday Season Cocktail Inspiration

The festive season is in full swing, and creators across all industries are putting a holiday season spin on their content. Following the recent publication of our industry report on the alcoholic beverages industry, we’re taking a closer look at how alcohol influencers are embracing the holiday season. Seasonal cocktail creators can really let their creative juices flow during the holiday period.  Take inspiration from these clever conjurers and enjoy a winter warmer cocktail or jazzed-up hot chocolate. Let’s explore some tempting holiday drink inspiration from our favorite seasonal cocktail creators and influencers. 

1. @bostonbarhopper’s Thanksgiving cocktail

This cocktail is based on a Thanksgiving staple, pies! Matt Maslin blogs and hosts events about the alcohol industry. Here he shares the steps to making a bourbon banana pie-inspired cocktail with his 3.5K Instagram followers. 

Image credit: @bostonbarhopper via Instagram

@bostonbarhopper is a micro-influencer from the US, where 76% of his audience is based.  According to Upfluence software, he has 100% real followers on Instagram, his primary account for sharing content. His posts generate a lot of comments, placing him in the top 23% of influencers in this niche.

2. @bad_birdy’s Partida Hot Chocolate

Bad Birdy is one of our featured influencers in the Alcoholic Beverages Industry Report. She’s a true professional when it comes to bartending and is the Global Cocktail Creative for Alliance Brands Limited. Brand collaborations include Jack Daniels and Partido tequila which brings us to her holiday cocktail offering; a hot chocolate with a twist! 

Image credit: @bad_birdy via Instagram

Bad Birdy has a strong following of 187K on Instagram where she shares recipe videos and bespoke seasonal cocktail creations. As a long-time partner of Partida tequila, she’s designed cocktails for their Dia de Los Muertos celebrations as well as this Christmassy take on Mexican hot chocolate. 

3.@cocktail_contessa’s Gingerbread Martini

Influencer mixologist Heather Wibbels shares the perfect drink to accompany gingerbread house making with her gingerbread martini. As a devotee to Irish whisky, she’s included some in this recipe as well as in many other creations she shares with her 6K Instagram followers.

Image credit: @cocktail_contessa via Instagram

Her content is popular with a mostly female audience (80%), while her sponsored content has 104% effectiveness when compared to the engagement rate of organic content. Other holiday-themed content from Heather includes a guide to buying the perfect bourbon gift for a friend if you don’t know the first thing about bourbon, perfect for beginners!

4. @steve-the-barman’s Christmas Colada

If you’d rather be spending the holiday season sipping cocktails on the beach, Steve the Barman’s festive take on a piña colada is for you! The addition of cinnamon syrup and cranberry liqueur transforms this summer favorite for the winter months. 

Steve shares his fun cocktail content as how-tos on YouTube with his 11.6K followers, with playlists for each type of spirit. As a big fan of brandy, he’s collaborated with Seven Tails Brandy for a series of videos and experimented with live-streamed cocktail demonstrations. 

5. @cheraleelyle’s Winter Sangria

Who needs mulled wine when you can try winter sangria instead? Cheralee is a New York-based lifestyle influencer sharing videos of her alcoholic drink creations as videos in her Instagram feed. Her mix of cocktail, fashion, and lifestyle content has built a big following of 256K followers on Instagram. She’s recently started posting to TikTok too, where her winter sangria video has over 87K views.

The mix of her fashion and cocktail posts is most popular with women, Cheralee’s audience is 87% female, with 37% based in the USA. Her content is generating an average of 2.9K likes on each Instagram post.



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