Social-driven commerce: Listen back to the best bits from Connect:Collab:Create

Upfluence’s first virtual summit Connect:Collab:Create explored the rise of social commerce and the role of influencer marketing in driving online sales. During the half-day live event, we were joined by experts from Shopify, Klaviyo, The Atfluence Agency, Plai, and Tiege Hanley to discuss the challenges and opportunities marketers face in this new age of social-driven commerce. 

Whether you want to refresh your memory of what was covered, or are discovering the event for the first time, we’ve distilled the highlights from each session into a short podcast for you. Listen on your run, in the car, or while brushing your teeth, so you can get all the best bits from Connect:Collab:Create in a matter of minutes. And of course, if there’s a session you’d like to revisit in full you can do that on our webinars page

What’s shaping the future of shopping? With Shopify. 

Upfluence was joined by Marie-Claude Léveillé from Shopify to talk about the latest shopping trends as we emerge from the pandemic, and social media apps are catering for a new kind of in-app shopping that meets the needs of today’s consumers. We discuss how brands can prepare for the future of shopping by investing in influencer marketing as a way to create authentic connections with your brand’s online audience and convert awareness into conversion to drive more social commerce sales. The rise of social commerce and in-app checkout means influencers are front and center of the social shopping process, they are your brand’s most strategic intermediaries at the crucial stages of the buying process. Tune in below to find out the best strategies for leveraging influencers for the future of shopping. 


Using Integrations to Amplify Influencer Marketing Strategies. With Klaviyo and Atfluence. 

In this session, we heard from Sydney Braithwaite from Klaviyo and Doug Hill from Atfluence about the best ways to leverage consumer data for better, more personalized marketing campaigns. We explore how data on customer demographics, behavior, and social reach can help brands build impactful influencer marketing campaigns. We learn how Upfluence’s integration with Klaivyo analyzes data from a brand’s customer database to reveal their most influential customers who can be activated as part of influencer, affiliate, or brand ambassador campaigns. Consumer data can help you identify your best organic brand advocates and develop more personalized communication based on consumer shopping habits and preferences. Press play below to hear how you can start surfacing new data insights for your marketing strategy today. 

Driving ROI by Reusing Influencer Content. With Plai. 

Logan Welbaum from Plai joined the Upfluence team to share his expertise on how brands can use whitelisting to optimize their paid ads with influencer-generated content. Tune in to this session to discover how to get even more value from your influencer marketing campaign by running whitelisted ads through your influencer’s ad account to drive more conversions with the content they created. This strategy boosts content longevity and reach, gives brands more control of their ads, and ultimately boosts ROI by generating more conversions while saving money on creative. Listen below to learn influencer content whitelisting 101 in under 5 minutes. 

Ready to get started with influencer whitelisting? Download our whitelisting how-to guide for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. 

Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy and Implementation. With Tiege Hanley. 

Upfluence was joined by Joshua Weidling from Tiege Hanley to share practical tips on running the most effective campaigns. We discussed everything from influencer identification, to outreach, contracts, brand safety, and more! Learn the best strategies for creating strong, long-term influencer partnerships that will bring the most value to your brand. Get tips on how new brands can get started with influencer marketing and learn from real-life examples from Tiege Hanley. Get a summary of Joshua’s influencer marketing best practices in the podcast below. 


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