The June Edition: Get The Latest Influencer Marketing News and Trends

As the end of June approaches, it’s time to bring you a fresh round-up of the latest influencer marketing news, resources, and tips for marketers. 

Let’s dive into June’s must-read insights:

How leveraging your business tools will optimize your influencer campaigns

It’s a little-known fact that your eCommerce platforms and customer databases are a goldmine of data insights that can help you run the best influencer campaigns. A classic approach to influencer marketing is to identify your target audience and then search an influencer database for creators who match the same demographic. But there is in fact a better way. As your business has been growing, so too has your pool of potential influencers. Influential customers and subscribers with a valuable online reach are top candidates for your next influencer campaign. With real-life experience of your products and a network of family, friends, and followers who match your target market, they’re perfectly placed to advocate your brand!

Our webinar this month shines a light on the best ways to connect your everyday business tools to your influencer marketing platform for data-driven campaigns. With our guest speaker, Doug Hill, partner at The Atfluence Agency, we explored how to use consumer data from tools like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Klaviyo to identify and activate influential customers. 

Watch the webinar replay to learn how The Atfluence Agency leveraged the genuine brand-affinity of influential customers to create authentic, high-performing content for their clients’ campaigns. After that, you’ll have no doubt about trying out Upfluence’s integrations to transform influencer discovery and drive conversions. 

Fix these 5 mistakes in your influencer marketing strategy! 

As influencer marketing has grown to be a popular strategy for driving awareness and sales, many businesses have turned their hand to running influencer campaigns. However, there are 5 mistakes you should definitely avoid if you want to get the most from your influencer marketing investment. Our latest ebook shares guidance and tips for avoiding these common mistakes: 

  • Not setting clear goals
  • Choosing unauthentic influencers
  • Not getting the most from data
  • Giving the wrong compensation
  • Not amplifying influencer content

You’ll get expert advice for planning your influencer strategy, starting from goal-setting to deciding how much to pay your influencers, and how to re-use influencer content for maximum impact. Learn how to implement influencer strategy best practices by downloading the ebook

Your step-by-step guide to influencer whitelisting

Influencer content whitelisting is an extremely effective strategy for amplifying your influencer campaigns and maximizing conversions through paid media channels. Running brand ads through an influencer’s social media profile (whitelisting) is beneficial for both brands and influencers. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Plai to bring you a practical guide to setting up whitelisting on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. It’s a top resource for brands to share with their influencers ahead of whitelisting and make sure that everyone is prepared for the authorization process. Likewise, for influencers interested in offering whitelisting partnerships and opening further revenue opportunities, you’ll learn the process inside-out with this ebook. 

Top influencer marketing news stories this month

Upfluence Announces Integration with WooCommerce, cementing their position as the Most Powerful Influencer Marketing Tool in eCommerce

Instagram Launches Reels Ads in All Regions

Live Audio Rooms and Podcasts on Facebook

Twitter’s Coming ‘Super Follow’ Subscription Option Will Require 10k Followers, Will Begin Testing Soon

Instagram Teases Native Affiliate Program, Merch Storefronts, Livestreaming Rewards At Inaugural ‘Creator Week’


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