The May Edition: Get The Latest Influencer Marketing News and Trends

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Here are the must-read highlights from May: 

Planning your influencer marketing budget made easy 

We want to help you make sure that every dollar spent on influencer marketing is money well spent. The best budget planning starts with knowing all the potential costs up-front, so you can make smart decisions about how to spend your marketing dollars. 62% of marketers are planning to spend more on influencer marketing in 2021 than last year. They’ve seen the benefits it can bring, and want to invest more in order to scale their campaigns and double the rewards. Whatever the size of your influencer marketing budget, our latest guide will help you plan ahead and choose the right type of influencer payout model that works for you. The Essential Guide to Planning Your Influencer Marketing Budget offers advice on creating a cost-effective value proposition and choosing which influencer marketing tools to invest in. 

If you’re looking to scale your influencer campaigns, it could be time to weigh up the pros and cons of running your campaigns in-house. If influencer search and recruitment is draining your team’s time and resources, it’s time to factor in the cost of influencer marketing software! Decide what’s best for your budget with our guide to choosing between manual vs. software campaigns. 

Offer more value to your agency’s clients with influencer marketing

These days your clients are looking to leverage the newest content formats and social media trends to build connections with their online audience. No one does this better than social media influencers! Offering managed influencer marketing campaigns, with the added support of Upfluence’s software will bring greater reach, engagement, and authenticity to your client’s campaigns. Influencer marketing can be used to scale brand ambassador, affiliate, and referral campaigns. Not to mention that influencer-generated content can be repurposed across additional channels including paid media and newsletters. This shows how influencer marketing is a versatile strategy that can be completely adapted to your clients’ needs and integrates perfectly with their current marketing activities. Take a look at our recent blog to learn more about the benefits of including influencer marketing in your agency offering.  

Use influencer-generated content for better-paid ads

The value from influencer-generated content (IGC) doesn’t run out with the last post of your campaign. Brands can repurpose content created by influencers for other channels, including paid media. Using a process called influencer whitelisting, brands will be able to run the social ads directly through their influencer’s profiles. This brings benefits such as targeting lookalike audiences based on your influencer’s followers to ensure strategic ad targeting that has a greater audience reach than the initial influencer campaign. Influencer whitelisting is easy to set up, you can follow our simple how-to guide for whitelisting on Instagram and Facebook

What’s more, ads created using IGC leverage the influencer’s personal content style to naturally drive more engagement, compared with corporate ads. Social media algorithms will reward ads that generate a high amount of engagement by showing them to even more people to help you drive better results from ads on the platform, and incentivize you to keep advertising with them in the future. This effectively helps to reduce your ad-spend over time as ads that perform well will get even more impressions, helping you to reduce your cost-per-click rate! For more inspiration about how to generate a positive return on investment with IGC, check out our latest webinar with special guests from Plai

Top 5 influencer marketing news stories this month

  1. Tiktok begins testing in-app shopping to challenge Facebook 
  2. Twitter CFO Ned Segal says e-commerce is becoming more important for the company
  3. Introducing Instagram Reels and Instagram Live Insights 
  4. Instagram Is Working on a New ‘Bonuses’ Payment Option to Incentivize Reels Creators
  5. Monetization Features for Gaming Video on Demand

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