The Winning Formula for a Cracking Holiday Influencer Strategy

The holiday season is a prime time to invest in influencer marketing campaigns. With consumers’ minds turned to gift-giving and hosting celebrations, it’s time to revamp your holiday influencer strategy.  Collaborating with influencers will help you tap into the growing trend for social commerce by fuelling the social purchase journey with engaging creator content. They can play a pivotal role in promoting your products to new audiences during the biggest shopping event of the year.

Consumers have increasingly embraced online shopping and curbside pick-up in the wake of the pandemic. E-commerce and social commerce purchases have accelerated and will continue to play a huge role during the holiday shopping season of 2021. Emarketer predict that e-commerce sales during this period will rise by 11.3%, with $10 billion generated through e-commerce sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday alone. 

With this in mind, influencer marketing should be a top marketing channel for brands looking to win big with digital. With the ability to reach large online audiences and drive engagements and conversions with their entertaining and authentic content, influencers are the perfect antidote to cold corporate messages and brash advertising often seen at this time of year.

We’ve put together our winning formula for success, including how to craft a data-driven influencer strategy, how to optimize outreach, and how to drive revenue with influencers during Cyber weekend. 

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Use social reach data to activate organic influencers

Brands should leverage pre-existing customer relationships for holiday influencer marketing to integrate more authentic story-telling into your marketing that will drive even more conversions. When buying online, people look to other customers for their real-life experience of using products when they can’t touch and test products out first-hand in store. Your customers already know and love your products, so why not tap into the potential for them to promote your brand more widely? By collaborating with influential customers i.e organic influencers on social media, they’ll be able to create social content that highlights their genuine experiences of your products which is by far more relatable and useful for prospective customers. 

This strategy starts with data! First you need to identify who within your current customer base has a high-value social presence, meaning they can help you reach new online audiences. Using a tool such as Upfluence’s Klaviyo integration, which enriches your customer profiles with social reach data, you’ll be able to pinpoint which customers have the most potential as organic influencers by analyzing their follower count and engagement rate etc. With social data insights, brands can easily identify the individuals within their CRM that have a high-value social reach, making them a natural fit for influencer and affiliate campaigns this holiday season. 

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Tap influencers for Cyber Weekend activations

Cyber weekend represents a huge opportunity for e-commerce brands this year, with consumers looking to make the most of the online bargains and slashed prices to begin their holiday shopping. Working with influencers to promote your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will build your online presence and drive sales throughout the weekend. Influencer marketing campaigns are a great way to connect with new customers amidst the frenzy of traditional holiday marketing. 

The average journey to purchase for Black Friday sales in the US is 2 weeks according to Criteo. With this in mind, brands should partner with influencers ahead of time to lay to generate brand interest ahead of holiday discounts. Influencers can promote brand discovery and build excitement about your products with content such as product reviews, gift-guides, brand challenges and UGC. By sharing authentic brand content that focuses on their experiences and story-telling, influencers can prime their audience to be even more receptive to more sales-focused posts during Cyber weekend.

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Launch an affiliate campaign!

To focus on driving sales during Cyber weekend, your influencer campaign should be centered around posts that contain promotional codes and affiliate links. When planning a campaign around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you should first decide which products you’d like to promote and what type of discount to offer. Options include putting your year-round best-selling item on sale, creating gift bundles at lower prices to promote certain items, or offering discounts on your holiday-themed line.You can generate promotional codes for influencers promoting your Shopify store, and measure the sales generated with the Upfluence + Shopify integration. This will make sure there’s a clear call to action for the audience to follow, as well as helping you to track how many direct sales your influencer campaign is generating.

Launching an affiliate campaign will transform your influencers into your brand’s best salespeople! By combining naturally engaging content with the possibility to purchase items in one click through an affiliate link, your influencer strategy is in gear to drive maximum sales! What’s more, take your holiday season affiliate campaign to the next level with Upfluence’s integration with Refersion, helping you generate and distribute affiliate links to all your influencers easily. 

Influencer marketing will be key to building a strong online presence in the run-up to the holiday period so your brand is at the front of consumers’ minds during holiday shopping events like Thanksgiving and Cyber weekend. As online purchases are set to skyrocket over the coming months, put our winning formula into practice to ensure your brand doesn’t miss out on what will surely be a holiday shopping season like no other. 


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