Decoding the Booming World of Twitch, Rocket League, and Fortnite

If you have never heard of Rocket League or Fortnite; two of the most popular competitive eSports games in the world: you are likely missing out both as a gamer and marketer. When these two wildly popular and some would say, addictive, games pair with a video game streaming outlet like Twitch; you are left with millions of people around the globe joining together to form the tight-knit eSports gaming community.

When so many people come together for one common interest, something must be really worthwhile. From beginners to veteran professionals; these games pull a vast and varied audience of dedicated players.  Twitch brings these gamers together; encouraging them to bond and share experiences with countless fans throughout the world.

What Is Rocket League and Fortnite | Why Should I care?

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Everyone should care about Fortnite and Rocket League, from gamers to business executives. The world of eSports is growing faster than many could have ever imagined. Money is pouring into the community in waves and people are cashing in on this.

The boom of the eSports industry, specifically Rocket League and Fortnite, has given steam to the already wildly popular streaming platform that is Twitch. Businesses are quickly realizing the potential developing in the industry0, most notably by the race to market their products to the industry. According to Forbes Magazine, industry revenues will likely top $900 million in 2018 – with brand investment likely to grow 48% year-over-year.

Competitive eSports Games


Competitive eSports games are more popular than ever. Countless tournaments are popping up across the globe with high stakes prize pools. Gamers are making fortunes playing the games they love, and professional sports leagues like the NBA are even starting to build leagues of their own, hoping to reach fans with eSports leagues, who may not traditionally be fans without the video game aspect.

Some prize pools for the most popular tournaments are topping out in the millions of dollars, but these high-stake tournaments are not the only tournaments going on. Local groups are forming their own tournaments allowing local gamers to compete against other local gamers for bragging rights in their city. This creates a diverse culture in the eSports community, allowing all skills level to get in on the action of the top eSports.

Those gamers who compete in local tournaments become only more involved in eSports in general, soon following the top competitive gaming streamers and watching them play on streaming platforms such as Twitch.

These competitive eSports tournaments are so popular, some colleges have even started offering scholarships to attract the best gaming talent to their university team. But if a scholarship and college aren’t your thing, some of the best eSports gamers can take their talents straight to the pros, earning a living competing in games like Rocket League and Fortnite.

Rocket League

Rocket League Twitch

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Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, but there are countless soccer games. The creators of Rocket League wanted to be unique and create a soccer game like no other. But in creating this game, they wanted to appeal to not just soccer fans, but competitive gaming fans as a whole. The result of their effort, the world-famous Rocket League video game.

Described by some as “Soccer with RC cars”, Rocket League is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of humans playing soccer, players control an RC car against other players also controlling their own RC car, all while playing soccer. But this soccer is no regular soccer, the RC cars can do much more than humans, offering dynamic in-game moves for the most skilled players.

Defining characteristics of Rocket League

Rocket League Twitch

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This is one of the defining characteristics of Rocket League, the skill range is vast, with some players being extremely proficient at the game. Unlike other games, where some may consider a possible ceiling to the skill level, there is virtually no limit to how skilled a player can become at Rocket League. With game characteristics like this, when released it was an instant success with the eSports and competitive gaming community.

Rocket League also has a few other unique advantages up its sleeve. The creators aimed for a cartoon style for the game. The thinking behind this was, as photo-realistic graphics improve, the cartoon style in-game graphics will age better than its more realistic counterparts, allowing the game to stay competitive for years to come.

After the game had been out for a while; the creators realized the cartoon style graphics may not be enough to maintain competitiveness against Rocket League competitor titles. The result, Battle Passes or new versions of the game that are released every few months to help the it maintain relevance. Instead of a complete remake of the game every few years, a new Battle Pass is released every few months with modest updates. This strategy, paired with the competition friendly gameplay, aims to keep Rocket League atop the eSports gaming market for years to come.



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Fortnite is a free-to-play cartoon style battle royale game. Just like Rocket League, when Epic Games designed Fortnite, they had a specific goal in mind when opting for cartoon style graphics. Now Fortnite is set up to withstand the test of time, as demand for high-intensity graphics increases, games with modern themes and fine details will have their graphic weaknesses exposed, thus forcing the games to become “dated”. With Fortnite, the cartoon style appeals to all age groups and will allow the game to maintain the same appeal it had on release day, for years to come.

You may still be asking yourself what even is a battle royale game? Battle Royale is the particular game “mode” in which Fortnite is played. In this highly competitive game mode, a pool of players are released into an open map and compete against each other, with the winner not being determined until the last man is left standing. In Fortnite for example, matches consist of 100 players all competing against each other for first place. This game mode is partly what gives Fortnite a unique appeal to the eSports and competitive gaming community.

Defining characteristics of Fortnite

Fortnite Twitch

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Fortnite differs itself from traditional game modes where there are two teams of only a handful of people. Players who prefer their own gameplay as opposed to team gameplay, a preference typically displayed by competitive gamers, gravitate towards Fortnite. To give some perspective on the increasing popularity; some of the largest video game titles such as Call of Duty are now copying the battle royale game mode, in a large part because of the success and popularity of Fortnite.

In addition to its highly competitive nature, Fortnite is distinct from other battle royale games because it allows players to build fortresses, hence the name. Players can gather materials and build fortresses or quickly put walls up between advancing players and themselves. This adds complexity to the game in the form of a three dimensional playing field.

Fortnite does not stop at cartoon style graphics and game modes to set itself apart from the competition. Fortnite operates on “Seasons”, in which each a new season comes with additions to the game. These seasons are what keeps players interested in the game, never allowing the game to become “stale” for players. Instead of releasing an entirely new game every so often, the creators of Fortnite have found a way to have a single video game maintain its relevance for years.

One of the unique aspects to the customization in Fortnite is the ability to have a female character. What may seem like an obvious addition to every game, unfortunately, is lacking in many games. Fortnite sets no limits of its potential market, offering just as many customizations for female characters as male characters. The top female Twitch streamers have taken notice now more than ever females are playing and streaming video games, some of this is due to the popularity of Fortnite.

Fortnite offers a highly customizable experience for gamers. From the ability to change a characters “skin” and outfitting different accessories, to a Battle Royal game mode appealing to competitive gamers and novices alike. Each new season comes with new in-game challenges, new skins, and new accessories, allowing players to constantly change their character and maintain interest in the game.

Why Rocket League and Fortnite Pair So Well with Twitch

Competitive gamers enjoy having a place where others with mutual interests gather. But not just competitive gamers, gamers interested purely for enjoyment like to gather and watch their favorite gamers take on the best competition in the world. Once you understand What Twitch is, you will also understand why gamers are so passionate about it and why you should be too.

Gamers like to hang out with other gamers. And gaming is one of the easiest hobbies to “hang out” with friends from anywhere. As gaming has evolved, the migration to online platforms has followed. Today, almost all games are played online with friends while staying in the comfort of your own home. Twitch lets gamers view their favorite gamers competing against other highly skilled gamers.

Just like any other sport, the best of the best players have fan bases and those fans want to watch their favorite players. Twitch just happens to be the premier eSports broadcasting platform. Rocket League and Fortnite are extremely competitive, and the top players are true professionals at their craft.

Fortnite and Rocket League | In It For The Long Haul

Fortnite and Rocket League are both in it for the long haul. The companies behind these games have put the time, effort, and research into building not only popular games but “tribes” of passionate gamers.

Just because these games are relatively new, and gaining rapid steam, the creators behind them are veterans in the industry. Fortnite, for example, has creators who have been pumping out content to gamers since the early 90’s; constantly evolving with the industry as it progressed. This progression is what has allowed Epic Games to be so successful through the years. Some would even say Epic Games at times pioneered the gaming industry. Their biggest breakthrough likely occurring with the creation of Fortnite; a game others in the industry are quickly playing catch up and trying to replicate the viral buzz of the game.

Rocket League comes from a group of creators with an equally impressive resume. Psyonix, the California based company behind Rocket League have created several world-renowned games that have stood the test of time. You may have not heard of the company itself, but it’s likely you are very familiar with the games they did or they worked on. Gears of War, Mass Effect 3, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown are just a few of their titles leading up to Rocket League; all of which have enjoyed a standing in gaming communities around the world for the last decade.

Fortnite and Rocket League may be new games themselves, but the creators behind both games are not newcomers. They have seen the gaming industry evolve, and in large part have evolved the industry themselves; as pioneering the next generation in the gaming industry and competitive eSports games. Creators have seen what works and what doesn’t; so they have what it takes to use top performing titles to dominate the industry for another decade.


As you have probably realized by now, Fortnite and Rocket League are two games you should take notice of. If you don’t, it’s possible you’ll miss out on such a lucrative market and very entertaining titles.

Fortnite and Rocket League are just two games that have capitalized on the growing market that is competitive gaming. Both games have set themselves up for the future, and have increasingly dedicated fan bases; helping to ensure these games remain among the top titles.  The creators of both games have done their research; defining a new path for other creators to follow, a path that maintains itself over time and one that attracts audiences from all age groups and gaming backgrounds.

With influencers gaining ever-increasing audiences, it’s not surprising that marketers are positioning themselves alongside top eSports championships and star players with the aim of attracting such dedicated and immersed audiences.

The competitive gaming industry will continue to grow, showing no signs of giving up its tight grip on the market.

We’ve put together a post on mastering Twitch influencers to help early adopting businesses see rewards from the passion of eSports gamers.

Why not have a look at our how-to guide to help you get started with Twitch influencer marketing.

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