Leading Influencer Marketing Platform Upfluence to Power Influencer Discovery and Marketing for Plai

The new partnership makes it easier for growing brands of all sizes to achieve better full-cycle influencer marketing using the Plai platform with Upfluence integration. Plai helps businesses plan marketing campaigns, find insights in analytics, and act on insights with targeted ads.

New York, New York – December 16, 2020 Upfluence Software, the smartest all-in-one influencer marketing platform trusted by leading brands worldwide to help identify, contact, manage and analyze their influencers at scale, announced today a new partnership with Plai to power its influencer discovery and marketing. The new integration allows anyone with a Plai account to use Upfluence-powered search and “Find Influencers” that are the best match to promote any given brand. As a result, businesses of all sizes who previously may not have had the resources to conduct influencer marketing can easily implement a game-changing full-cycle influencer marketing campaign.

“Plai and Upfluence share a passion for inspiring connection and helping brands grow,” said Logan Welbaum, Founder of Plai. “Small brands typically don’t know how to find the right influencers to promote their brand, an initiative that can provide enormous growth for any brand. We selected  Upfluence because they easily integrated with our platform to provide more than 4 million certified influencers to our users. Our partnership helps brands using Plai achieve the highest ROI from each campaign – especially small businesses and entrepreneurs whose core business is not marketing.”

In addition to giving Plai account users the ability to use Upfluence-powered search within the Plai platform, both Upfluence and Plai users will be able to easily repurpose an influencer’s content into targeted ads on Facebook and Google, reaching people that have previously engaged with the brand. The partnership also delivers the key benefit of accuracy. Companies can quickly and easily connect with the right influencer to promote their brand, thereby eliminating any guesswork. For those seeking a more robust strategy, Upfluence is offering all Plai users a free month to gain access to its full suite of services. More advanced features, like analytics, will continue to reside in Upfluence. 

“Plai is innovating marketing for small businesses and making digital advertising more accessible than ever before,” says Adam Shapiro, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Upfluence. “We are very excited to power influencer discovery and marketing in the Plai platform for brands of all sizes – a crucial aspect of any successful digital strategy. We’ll continue to partner closely with Plai in the future to provide easy-to-use marketing tools that help to support growing brands.”

Visit https://www.upfluence.com/partnerships to learn more about Upfluence or for partnership information brands can contact Adam Shapiro at [email protected]

About Plai
Founded in 2019, San Francisco-based Plai is like having a marketing team in your pocket. No marketing experience required or technical mumbo-jumbo, it makes it easy for brands of all sizes to plan marketing campaigns, find insights to analytics, and act on insights with targeted ads. In just a few taps, discover micro-influencers and new keywords for a brand, create and launch expert Google ads and YouTube ads in minutes, and much more. Visit https://www.plai.io/ to learn more.

About Upfluence
Upfluence Software is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform that allows brands and agencies to identify, contact, manage, and analyze their influencers at scale. Upfluence is the only influencer marketing software with a dedicated offering for eCommerce brands helping drive online sales by leveraging social data, brand affinity, and authenticity to turn customers into your best-performing influencers. 

Their data-driven approach to influencer marketing delivers a high ROI for each of their 1300+ clients worldwide including Saatchi & Saatchi, Nestlé, and more.

Press info | [email protected] | +1 415 366 0167 | +33 4 20 88 00 40

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