Innovating Influencer Tech: Discover the 3 Newest Features in Upfluence Software.

Email life cycles, internal notification systems, and custom proposals: Upfluence is pioneering the future of Influencer tech with a steady release of software features that cannot be found anywhere else on the market.

In this update you’ll discover the latest product advancements and get an insider look at what’s in store for the next development cycle.  So what went live this week at Upfluence? Here are our top three most recent innovations:

1. Recruit all your top picks with Email Life Cycles

Users can now segment and export influencers at any stage in their emailing campaign. While brands have always had the option of reaching out within the software, this helpful new feature allows users to focus on specific groups, such as influencers who have replied to or opened the initial mail. Optimized contacting = optimized responses. This feature is perfect for following up and recruiting every influencer on your list. 

2. Stay in the loop with our Notification System

Users will now be notified whenever they receive a new influencer response, when an action occurs in campaign manager, or when their social listening stream detects a new result. The notifications feature permits brands to stay on top of their campaigns and makes the platform 100% more user-friendly 🙂

3. Easily communicate custom proposals with our Email Test

The new version of the email test allows users to select influencers from their existing mailing lists and contact them individually. This feature makes the system compatible with custom proposals, a useful tool when it comes to large-scale campaigns.

What now? The next development cycle at Upfluence is an ambitious one. Here is just a taste of what’s to come:

Instagram Direct Contact

Upfluence will soon be releasing a BETA version of an Instagram Direct contact tool. This is huge. The tool will allow users to contact and receive replies from influencers via Instagram direct messaging… without leaving the software! Say goodbye to the need for email addresses. The first of it’s kind, this feature will first be tested by the Upfluence team members and is projected to be progressively deployed to other customers within the next few weeks. Exciting!

List and Search Redesign

Upfluence is revamping our search page to better integrate the lists feature, making it easier for users to update their old lists as they search and filter out influencers they’ve already added if desired. This is also the first step towards our influencer recommendation system.

Publishr Price Management Redesign

On a shorter dev cycle Upfluence will also rework the price manager in publishr to allow for: better offered / received price tracking & mass creation of prices for influencers in campaigns. 

Stay tuned for more!

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