Identify them all! Discover the 3 new features of Upfluence Search Engine

If you don’t know it yet, Upfluence Search is a powerful influencer search engine developed by a team of experts in marketing & software at Upfluence. This software helps you identify top influencers with instant access to a 1.2M+ influencer database in 250+ industries.

Today, we’re over excited to announce three awesome new features!

  1. Perform complex searches on Youtube (engagement rates, number of average views per video).
  2. Search among influencers recently added by Upfluence.
  3. Find influencers on Pinterest (number of followers, engagements rates, latest activity).   

1) Searching for influencers on Youtube has never been easier.

The video network owned by Google gathers over a billion users which represents one third of internet users. YouTube is also the number 3 website in the United States. The reach is huge, possibilities are endless and video is one of the fastest growing content format these days. Thanks to our upgrade, you can now perform granular searches based on engagement rates and number of average views per video on Youtube. Let’s say you are a high-tech brand selling smartphones in US, here is how you can benefit from the new Youtube features:


2) Perform search only among influencers recently added by Upfluence.

So you can always identify the latest growing influencers, you can now search for influencers that we added:

  • Over the last year
  • Over the last 3 months
  • Over the last month
  • Over the last week

Let’s imagine you are selling dog food and you want to identify influencers in the US market, here is an example of some filters you can combine:


Designed for companies who are willing to manage their own influencer marketing campaigns, we update our influencer database constantly to offer you the most professional and efficient way available on the market to find influencers.

It’s also about simplifying every step of your approach. Whether you like mass-emailing or one-to-one contact, we made it all possible! The easiest way is to export your next influencer media plan from Upfluence Search engine directly into Excel or your favourite tool.

3) Now you can perform searches for influencers on Pinterest! The 110 million users social network.

The social network is now gathering 110 millions users from all around the world. Th great majority of “pinners” are based in the US, followed by the UK, Brazil and Canada. If you are looking for influencers, you must take Pinterest into consideration. Here is an example of how it works on Upfluence Search Engine with a search for potential influencers on Pinterest for a “fashion” business.


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