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Instagram has been testing hiding likes for a few months now, which basically means certain users’ likes are only visible to themselves. Although not every Instagram user has been affected by the change yet, Instagram has been expanding its test globally.

As of now, only users in Canada, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, and selected test groups in the U.S. are experiencing hidden likes, but there might be changes in the coming future.

The change has raised mixed opinions for many users. The biggest concern that we witness at Upfluence is from brands and agencies, especially those who work with influencers for marketing and business purposes. 

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What if you really, really need to see the number of likes?

This is where our Upfluence Chrome Plugin comes in handy: It’s a FREE tool offered by us, and has been used and loved by brands, agencies, and personal users. Its special power? An intensive insight into any public Instagram account, including likes, engagement rates, impressions, and reach

Simply download the free Plugin to your Chrome browser, and click on the extension whenever you’re on an Instagram profile page. A panel will pop up with extensive data about that user’s profile. If an account is not already in the system? You can also add users who aren’t already in the Upfluence database (currently at 2.9M!)

upfluence plugin to see instagram likes

The Plugin will give you access to:

  • Instagram likes, comments, estimated reach, estimated impressions on each post
  • Average likes, average comments, average engagement rates
  • Other social media accounts linked with this profile, including Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Pinterest, Twitch, and TikTok.
  • Ratings of engagements, likes, and comments compared to similar influencers/users
  • Social media trends and performance throughout the past 6 months

Who should use it:

  • Brands looking into influencer’s data, performance, audience demographics
  • Content creators looking at their own account’s insights
  • Everyday users wanting to understand more about social media accounts.

What does this mean for the future?

As of now, Instagram hiding likes is still in its testing phase. This means that only a small test group has been experiencing this, and for a brief period of time. Anything could change in the future, though, which includes all likes being hidden as a possibility. That, or everything stays the same as is!

However, even if Instagram decides to take away like visibility, users can still have insights into accounts through Upfluence Plugin as well as our extensive influencer marketing software.

For agencies and brands who work with influencers, the future will simply mean being creative and flexible with whatever changes there might be. In Brands and Agencies vs. Instagram Hiding Likes, we take a deeper look into what influencer marketing would be like without Instagram likes. Our conclusion? Change is inevitable. But we also have tools to make the best out of the situation.

Download the Upfluence Plugin on Chrome Web Store!

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