It’s time to get rid of the noise when it comes to social media monitoring

Social media monitoring is a highly competitive niche. There are many tools allowing you to spy on competition, track the virality of your social campaigns or follow a specific topic.

If you are wondering why these tools are so popular, have a look at how many posts are published each second on social networks:

Upfluence Analytics

Impressive, right? The reality is even more impressive: in order to improve readability, we divided the displayed posts by 100!

Why social media monitoring is not just another trending word

Filtering this endless stream manually would make no sense. Thats is why you can find many tools in 2017 allowing you to filter this stream of posts by keywords, and send daily digests and alerts. This way you know when someone is publishing content about your brand, and you can conduct various strategies with that information.

You can contact the authors within minutes and ask them to link directly to your original content – this should help your SEO – you may also want to build partnerships in order to get more content published in the future.

The challenge of the noise

Unfortunately, these cases are no longer valid when you have to filter manually the results to find these 3 interesting posts about your brand in a flow of shares, retweets, comments and more. Once you’ve found these 3 posts, another issue arises: how do you know whether they’re worth the time that you are going to spend on them to get the word spread about your brand?

Our daily job at Upfluence includes measuring influence. Say we are able to tell you exactly who’s influent on what topic – remember that influence is relative, i.e. contextual – so that your social media monitoring includes influencers ONLY. Here is what it looks like:

wonder woman

Screenshot of the influencers activity monitoring for “Wonderwoman”. The spike corresponds to the premiere of the movie.

The analytics tools is included so that you can have a look at the way the information spreads, or more practically “where does this buzz come from?!”.

We’ve been using it for the past few months. Knowing what the influencers are saying is incredibly powerful. We can narrow the use cases down to 3 bullet points:

  1. We were able to monitor the competition, and to identify who is sharing their messages. We reached out to these influential guys and offered them some trials so they can also talk about us.
  2. We measured the virality of our clients campaigns, far beyond the traditional tracking system. We took into account the reach of shared content, copy and pasted posts etc.
  3. We discovered new media in our niche by identifying relevant authors that do not have their own personal channels.

upfluence stream

You can also have a look at how you perform 😉 – those are posts about our last pro bono campaign

Last but not least, the tool is not integrated to our software suite. Feel free to ask a demo here and start listening to the influencers that matter to your business!

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