Upfluence integrations: uncovering your best influencers!

Your customers, subscribers, and followers have natural brand affinity and genuine love of your products making them the most valuable partners for your business. We want to show you how to leverage each tier of your community to help your brand grow. From increasing customer loyalty to boosting sales through affiliation and driving engagement with social media influencers, there’s a whole host of strategies at your fingertips! We’ll explore how identifying, contacting, and activating influential people within your brand community can be streamlined thanks to numerous Upfluence integrations with your favorite everyday tools. 

Influencer identification with Shopify and WooCommerce 

Let’s start by learning more about who is influential within your brand community to decide how best to engage them. Upfluence’s integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce provide unprecedented insights into your eCommerce visitors and customer databases, using your customers’ social reach data and knowledge about their purchase history to identify high-value partners. This is the pinnacle of data-driven influencer identification, helping brands to organize and engage their communities like never before. 

The in-depth analysis of your customer base will help you to create different tiers within your community, including casual shoppers, nano influencers, medium influencers, and mega influencers. Each group can offer value to your brand thanks to personalized activations such as rewards programs, brand ambassador programs, or affiliate marketing campaigns. Once you’re ready to begin outreach and create personalized messaging, we have the tools for you! 

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Influencer outreach with Klaviyo, Gmail and Outlook

Insights about your brand community can help you streamline segmentation within your email marketing tools such as Klaviyo for better targeting. Upfluence’s integrations with these tools will help you deliver targeted outreach and build better relationships with your most influential contacts. 

Try creating personalized outreach campaigns for your different influencer cohorts, based on level of influence, campaign type, location, gender and more. Why not reach out to loyal customers inviting them to join a rewards program, or invite your previously identified micro-influencers to try out samples from your new product range? Being able to manage communication with ambassadors and influencers at scale will help you build fruitful partnerships at every level. 

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Influencer activation 

Increase customer loyalty 

Connecting Upfluence with your CMS and eCommerce platforms will identify your loyal customers, one-time buyers, and everything in between. While not fully-fledged influencers, your casual customers can be encouraged to engage further by participating in a loyalty program. Offering incentives such as discount codes and sending free samples will help nurture relationships and increase customer loyalty in the long run. Not only will you ensure repeat business, it will no doubt lead to an organic boost for word-of-mouth marketing too. Customers will be more likely to sing your praises to their friends, family and colleagues! 

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Boost sales with Refersion, WooCommerce, and Shopify

The next level of activation, which is most suitable for nano and micro-influencers in your brand community, is to drive sales through an affiliate or promo code campaign. They have a valuable social reach that can be harnessed to promote your brand to a like-minded audience. Micro-influencers are known for their highly engaged audience of people who are interested in the same niche. This makes them the perfect candidates for affiliate and promo code campaigns! As genuine customers, they know the best features of your product and can promote it authentically to drive sales. Offering them a percentage of the profits, or a discount code to share with their audience is a great incentive to get them on board and compensate them for their efforts. 

Upfluence integrates with tools such as Refersion to help you easily activate your organic influencers as affiliates. The integration helps you leverage Upfluence’s affiliate discovery features and manage every aspect including relationship-building with Upfluence’s Influencer Relationship Management tool and sales tracking using affiliate links to attribute each conversion. 

Promo code campaigns are another surefire way to boost your sales! Upfluence’s integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce help brands generate native promo codes to share with their influencers for sales-generating campaigns.Your influential customers will be glad to offer a discount to their followers. The unique promo code generation through Upfluence allows you to track each sale generated by your influencers to easily calculate ROI and renew partnerships with your best-performing influencers. 

Drive awareness and engagement with influencer campaigns

Thanks to Upfluence’s influencer matching integrations, you may have uncovered influential content creators who you can activate as part of a long-term influencer marketing strategy. Invite your most valuable influencers to join your influencer network and run campaigns using Upfluence’s software allowing you to contact influencers, send briefs, approve content, make payments and track results all in one place. 

Work with your expert content creators to leverage the latest social media trends and create engaging campaigns to promote your brand. Leveraging your top-tier organic influencers with Upfluence will help you scale your influencer campaigns and have a much wider reach, helping to grow your brand’s online presence and customer base. 

Partnering with influencers and ambassadors within your brand community will help you find new customers and new fans of your brand. Leveraging pre-existing relationships to drive growth will expand your customer base and increase your number of influential customers. Don’t forget that with each new purchase or newsletter subscription your brand community grows, and so does your pool of potential influencers! Utilizing Upfluence and our numerous integrations will contribute to this virtuous circle of influencer discovery, activation, and brand growth for a long time to come.

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