The Future of Content Marketing

Since February 2010, and the Google Panda algorithm update, we’ve been hearing a lot about content marketing. Yet, we’ve been hearing the ‘content is king’ credo for a lot longer than that.

Looking back, content marketing has evolved a lot, from a SEO fuel to something much greater as it is perceived today. Knowing where we came from and where we are now, I’d like to take a leap and try my luck to guess what the future of content marketing will be like. In a sentence, I think content marketing will get (1) more detailed, (2) more visual and (3) more multimedia, produced with (4) a smarter marketing goal in mind.

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Free Blogging: the end of an era ?

Since the first platforms dedicated to the hosting and publishing of blogs, way before the appearance of social networks as we know them, brands have tried (and succeeded) to appear in posts written by bloggers.

To achieve such goal, it has always been mandatory to either:

– have a strong well-known brand. It will certainly impose itself in blog posts through its own notoriety, reputation and/or wide distribution network (destined to a very small amount of brands, which in the end compete against each others), (more…)

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Is influence a form of manipulation?

No. We will need to study what influence is in more detail as this argument seems a bit narrow minded. First of all, we need to differentiate two major types of influence:

  1. Personal influence that a person can have over their entourage or in a real life (IRL) work situation
  2. Online influence fueled by a structure and/or person on the internet, social media sites or their audience (through publishing articles on a blog for example).


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