Upfluence brings you Wednesday ✨

A plaftorm designed for small businesses and startups

We believe that your needs better align with Wednesday, an influencer marketing platform designed to limit time-consuming influencer recruitment, helping you find and hire creators in record time.

Sounds like what you are looking for? 

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From manual to magical

Empowering Small Businesses and Startups

Tailored For you: Pay only for what you need, with zero commitment. Freedom to adapt your plan as your need evolves.

Risk-Free Trial: Dive into the world of Influencer Marketing and get taste of Wednesday’s features firsthand

Automate The Hunt: Say goodbye to the manual grind. Let Wednesday empower your influencer discovery, at scale

Pocket-Friendly Power Boost: Starting at $79, Wednesday offers a premium creator platform for your budget.


Get rid of the spreadsheet and improve productivity 10x

Stop scrolling on social media to find creators

It's time to ditch the spreadsheet

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