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Today, we are honoured to welcome Matthew, blogger and founder of the blog Buckets & Spades. A design and lifestyle blog with beautiful visuals and very interesting topics ! Discover it !

Hello Matthew, can you introduce yourself and your blog ?

My name is Matthew Pike, I’m a 30 year old writer, blogger and content creator from Lancashire, England. I run men’s style, design and lifestyle blog, Buckets & Spades.

What are your editorial habits ? (I write my own content, someone writes for me, someone proofreads me, I take my own pictures for the blog, I post a lot of videos ect…)

We write all of our own content. There three regular writers, including myself – all with different states and outlooks, but a similar comment goal. We use our own photos, as well as still life, campaign and press images from brands and photographers. It’s usually me who checks it all, but somethings I get my partner to look things over. I’m a writer but I also suffer from dyslexia, so mistakes do slip through.

How do you use social networks ? Which one do you prefer ?

I used most of the big ones; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat. I’d say Twitter and Instagram are my staple but I do probably get more enjoyment out of Snapchat recently. Instagram is great for inspiration, style tips, discovering new people and connecting to a visual audience (both readers and potential clients), but Twitter is are best traffic drive and great for quick interactions and starting conversations.

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What are the meaningful moments of the development of the blog ?

When I quit my job to pursue full time work through blogging and writing, back in Summer 2015. That was the biggest step to date, and it’s proved successful thus far.

who’s your target ?

We don’t have a specific target for our blog but our readers range from 18 to 60, mainly around the 24-45 bracket. We appeal to anyone interested in men’s style, independent businesses, graphic design, illustration, packaging and branding, design and fashion stories with a little more substance.

Which are the most popular categories of your blog ?

We cover style, travel, design and personal subjects, and they’re hold a few more categories within each. Style is probably the most popular but anything fun and visual always goes down well.

Where do you find inspiration ?

Mostly through creative visual websites, blogs, magazines. But I am also influenced by everyday people, normal life and our surroundings.

A little message for Upfluence ?

Follow your passions, as obscure, unusual or “boring” as they may be to others. They’re your passions, so keep them personal to you.

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