Influencer management made easy

Manage all your creators in one place. Filter your influencers by name, location, campaign, and more and keep track of their latest activity to know who is active and who needs a follow-up, who has been paid or need to be.

Keep track of every stage. Stay up-to-date on your campaign’s progress. Keep track of how many creators have been invited to collaborate, which ones replied yes, and where your price negotiations stand.


Hire influencers, creators, affiliates, partners

Efficiently reach out to influencers on a large scale with Upfluence. Consolidate all your messages in one convenient location by seamlessly integrating with Gmail and Outlook. Enhance your communication with creators even further through the native integration of ChatGPT, ensuring an optimized and streamlined experience.

Maximize the number of creators you hire by leveraging our email and contract templates, enabling you to achieve 10 times the efficiency in just a fraction of the time. Utilize our pre-designed email templates as a foundation, easily customizing them with a single click. Take advantage of ChatGPT-generated replies, streamlining the communication process and enhancing your overall productivity.


Keep track of influencer marketing budget and ROI

With your personalized dashboard, get an overview of all your negociations in progress and overall influencer marketing budget.

Measure your influencer marketing ROI precisely and automatically with links and sales tracking. By post, by creator, by campaign, overall, measure everything to take data-driven decisions.


Track applications from your creators

Review influencer’s applications, drafts, and payments all in a single dashboard.

Ship creator’s products with one click, notify influencers using templated emails.

No more messy emails and spreadsheets, no more delays and mistakes.