Pay influencers wherever they are

With PayPal x Upfluence integration, connect your PayPal account and pay any creator directly from the platform.

Keep track of all your payments in your personalized dashboard and get a real-time overview of your budget, spent, and ROI.

Upfluence integrates payments through Paypal and Upfluence Pay, powered by Stripe

Pay creators based off the value they bring

Use our e-commerce integrations to calculate commissions based off of sales conversions.

Percentage, or flat fee based: choose the best value for you and your creators.

Creator Dashboard: be transparent with your creators, reference their sales, and avoid misattributed sales.

Laws and regulation

Taxes and Compliance

Our built-in payment system will automatically gather W9-W8 and invoices from creators.

Information accessible in payment dashboard, complete with campaign-by-campaign view and clear next steps.

Compatible with financial systems in the EU, USA, Canada, and 65 other countries.

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