Manage your influencer payments

Pay your influencers easily, all in one place. Secure, international, and seamless creator payments.


How much you should pay influencers

_Upfluence tells you how much you should pay your influencers. The algorithm analyses the creator profile, engagement, habits of posting, and performance and tells you what is a fair price for each influencer.

_No more endless negotiations, Upfluence gives you a clear influencer pricing you can leverage.

Influencer pricing

Process payments in one go

_Handling payments can be tricky, especially when you’re working with influencers from all over the world. International banking fees, different currencies, and so on. Save yourself the headache!

_With Upfluence, you only need one invoice, regardless of the number of payouts, countries or currencies. We deal with everything and issue payments in over 200 countries & 135 currencies. Your CFO will love you!


Automate administrative taks

_Tax compliance can be tricky.

_With Upfluence all-in-one payment tool, all the administrative tasks to ensure the compliance of your influencer payments is included and made for you.

Admin task automation

Keep track of every stage

_Stay up-to-date on your campaign’s progress. Keep track of how many influencers have been invited to collaborate, which ones replied yes, and where your price negotiations stand.


Manage discount codes

_Within Upfluence, create and send personalized discount codes, compatible with your Shopify or WooCommerce online store.

_Use Upfluence built-in templates or create your own ones, and reach out to your brand ambassadors with customized affiliate codes.

discount codes shopify

Track affiliate performance and payments

_Track affiliate sales and pay your affiliates all in one place.

_Monitor affiliate performances and measure precisely your campaign ROI.

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Campaign Workflow

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Campaign Analytics

Measure performance & ROI

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