Get paid $10 for each brand referral, and $75 for every brand that attends a demo

Paid posts and product samples aren’t the only way to get paid for your brand partnerships. Our mission is to help both brands and creators grow through our influencer software.  Get paid $10 for each brand referred to Upfluence, and $75 for each brand that speaks with our sales team.

Get paid $1,000 for every brand that purchases Upfluence

Take your brand relationships to the next level. Build their trust by going the extra mile and help the brands you work with grow their influencer marketing program by recommending Upfluence for their campaign management. For each brand that signs a contract with Upfluence, you’ll earn a $1,000 flat commission fee.

Never say no to a brand again

Earn money even from brands that you don’t collaborate with. We get that you can’t accept all brand proposals for collaborations. Refer them to Upfluence to help them find other influencers to work with!

Unlock premium partner benefits to grow your influence

Creators who partner with Upfluence not only get paid for each brand referral they send, but also get: 

Premium profile placement in Upfluence’s database to reach 1,000+ brands

Conversion tracking dashboard

Upfluence Agency contact for targeted campaign opportunities

Automatic fast track payment with our clients

Partner data access and support for brands

Exclusive access to new creator features

How does it work?

We provide you with a unique tracked link so that brands can schedule a demo with our sales team. Then, there are two ways you can get paid for referring brands to Upfluence:

Frequently Asked Questions

We will provide you with a unique tracked link for you to send to brands you wish to refer to Upfluence. All you have to do is make sure that the brand requests a demo via the link in order for it to be counted as a referral. 

Payments will be issued via Paypal and will be issued once a month, the first month following your sign-up.

Nope! Creator’s invited to join our partner program do not have to be part of the Upfluence database.

You will, however, be given access to a payment dashboard to keep track of your referrals, commissions, and payments.

Why do brands love Upfluence?

Customers and fans look to creators to discover new products and make their purchase decisions. Upfluence provides brands with all the tools to build and nurture meaningful creator partnerships that drive revenue.