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Upfluence has entered the Chat…GPT

Experience the AI-powered ChatGPT assistant inside Upfluence, harnessing its power to enhance your creator communications with optimized and auto-generated emails, resulting in a seamless and efficient experience.


Find the best influencers

Creators who already love your brand

Our data shows that your brand’s existing influential customers are 7 times more likely to accept a collaboration.

Not just any creators. The right ones

Find truly complimentary creators based off of data, content, and performance to fit your brands.

Data driven tracking

Make smarter decisions with Upfluence’s data-rich influencer profiles. Measure, optimize and iterate your campaigns to reach double digit ROI.


Save time on influencer management

Experience the most powerful creator workflow

Manage your influencer campaigns in a snap with a complete, automated and customized workflow tool. See all creators hired, drafts submitted, sales generated, and payments issued in one place.

Easily hire influencers and affiliates

Hire the best influencers for fruitful and long-term collaborations with your brand. Upfluence provides influencer contract templates and influencer outreach email templates to make your life easier and streamline the hiring process.

Generate unique promo codes automatically

Simplify promo code generation for affiliate campaigns. Create unique, custom promotion codes from within Upfluence. They are natively compatible with your Shopify or WooCommerce store.


Pay influencers, Send creators free products

Hassle-free influencer payments

Pay influencers, affiliates and creators in 1 click. Automate commission calculation and payment requests. Connect your Paypal account and pay your partners easily and regularly.

All-in-one influencer gifting

Give your creators and affiliates the freedom to choose the products they want to promote directly from your store. With a single link, they can select their size, color, and enter their shipping details and manage orders with one-click-order confirmation.

Pay creators in any currency

Easily pay creators in any currency and automatically retrieve legal documents. 


Measure influencer & affiliate campaigns

Track sales and ROI automatically

Get precise sales tracking and ROI calculation for any influencer and affiliate campaign.

Aggregate campaign results in a custom dashboard

See all the results of your campaigns in one place: Revenue, ROI, AOV, commissions to be paid to influencers, etc. Build your personalized dashboard and make data-driven decisions.

Know which influencers perform the best

Find out which influencers in your campaign rake in the most clicks with individual tracking links. Have a clear overview of your total clicks & views, click-through rate, and influencer engagement rate. Track individual sales generated and ROI by affiliate.

Integrate your own marketing stack

Connect your daily tools to manage every aspect of your campaigns in one place
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