Manage your influencer
campaigns from start to finish

Streamline various influencer marketing campaigns for all your needs at once and stay on top of your influencer selection & offers.


Run multiple campaigns at the same time

_If you have several products & services or ideas for your brand, a single campaign might not do them all justice. With our intuitive Upfluence software, you can set up several influencer marketing campaigns for different purposes and run them simultaneously while overseeing your total budget and the duration of each campaign.


Manage all influencer collaborations in one place

_Who’s in, who’s out? A quick overview of the potential influencers that want to work with you can give you all the clarity you need. 

 _Check who accepted your offer & approve influencers to move on to the next step or make adjustments to your selection of influencers.


Keep track of your
budget and offers

_Easily monitor your allocated budget & keep track of all your agreements with influencers. 

_Directly send payment offers & have influencers submit counter-offers all within the Upfluence software.

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Keep track of your influencers

Influencer Outreach

Contact influencers at scale

Influencer Search

Use 20+ advanced search criteria

Team Collaboration

Communicate with teams

Influencer Profiles

Access over 3 million influencers


Measure performance & ROI

Join over 700+ happy customers

Start streamlining your business with our leading influencer marketing software. Identify & contact influencers in minutes, cut your time spent on campaign management in half and ensure every campaign is a success.