Streamline your influencer campaigns

Run your campaigns from start to finish in one platform.


Contact influencers at scale

_Managing influencer communications is easier than ever. Upfluence integrates with Gmail and Outlook so that all of your messages are in one place.

_Contact entire lists of influencers in just a few clicks with bulk emails and merge field personalization. Upfluence’s custom email templates will guide you when you aren’t feeling inspired and bounce management ensures that invalid emails are recognized and blacklisted.


Generate quality content

_Write and save influencer campaign briefs detailing your objectives and expectations and let influencers respond to your offer directly within the platform.

_Have content creators submit their drafts and open a two-way communication between influencers and your team. Approve drafts, comment and give feedback and collaborate with your entire team to boost productivity.


Keep track of every stage

_Stay up-to-date on your campaign’s progress. Keep track of how many influencers have been invited to collaborate, which ones replied yes, and where your price negotiations stand.


Process payments in one go

_Handling payments can be tricky, especially when you’re working with influencers from all over the world. International banking fees, different currencies, and so on. Save yourself the headache!

_With Upfluence, you only need one invoice, regardless of the number of payouts, countries or currencies. We deal with everything and issue payments in over 200 countries & 135 currencies. Your CFO will love you!

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Influencer Search

Use 20+ advanced search criteria

Influencer Profiles

Access over 3 million influencers

Influencer Management

Keep track of your influencers


Measure performance & ROI

Join over 1,600+ happy customers

Start streamlining your business with our leading influencer marketing software. Identify & contact influencers in minutes, reveal your most influential customers, cut your time spent on campaign management in half and ensure every campaign is a success.