Use Zapier to reveal influencers from any of your existing databases

  • Surface powerful social data insights to identify influencers in your customer database (CRM, payment provider, mailing subscribers…)
  • Use social data insights to segment influencers found in any of your lists across the most popular applications
  • Harness the power of spreadsheets to reveal your influential customers, using Zapier Gsheet integration.
  • Leverage found influential customer’s familiarity with your brand for product giveaways, cheaper paid promotions, and to build a lucrative affiliate network
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Manage all aspects of your campaigns through Upfluence

  • Build authentic campaigns by finding and activating brand champions
  • Influencers are automatically added to the Upfluence Influencer Relationship Management tool for easy relationship nurturing and performance tracking
  • Manage outreach, briefs, content, payments, and real-time ROI analytics at scale

Integrate your favorite tools

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Connect your Shopify store.
Menu WooCommerce
Connect your WooCommerce store.
Menu Magento
Connect your Magento store.
Identify influential email subscribers from any list.
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Identify influencers and activate them into affiliate campaigns.
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Pay creators and track transations with PayPal.