Connect your influencer programs to Shopify

Identify influential customers, simplify product gifting and track sales from your Shopify store with Upfluence’s native integration.

Connect Upfluence with Shopify

Identify influencers from your Shopify store

Connect your Shopify store to your Upfluence account to automatically identify influential customers and invite them to your campaigns. By leveraging your own customer base, you’ll build stronger partnerships and drive more sales from creators.

Influencer matching

Easily gift products to creators

Let creators pick the product they want to promote. Import product lists directly from your Shopify store to save time and offer products that are in stock. In just a few clicks, creators can read your brief, select their products, and get started on creating amazing content for your brand.


Boost sales with personalized discount codes

With our discount code generator, create personalized discount codes for all of your influencers. Customize your discount offer for each campaign, send your codes in bulk, and keep an eye on individual orders and revenue.
product gifting

Create orders in one click

Create orders for your influencers directly from your Shopify store. Keep track of order statuses and tracking information right in one single place.


Keep track of affiliate sales

Use affiliate links to track the success of your influencers. Know in real-time who reaches your target market and how many sales have been generated.

.Integrate your favorite tools

Enrich your Klaviyo campaigns with Upfluence data.

Identify influencers in any Zapier connect list.


Contact influencers directly through Gmail.

Track & Manage your affiliation campaigns.

Join over 1,600 happy customers

Start streamlining your business with our leading influencer marketing software. Identify & contact influencers in minutes, cut your time spent on campaign management in half and ensure every campaign is a success.