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Find the best influencers

Creators who already love your brand

Our data shows that your brand’s existing influential customers are 7 times more likely to accept a collaboration.

Not just any creators. The right ones

Find truly complimentary creators based off of data, content, and performance to fit your brands.

Data driven tracking

Make smarter decisions with Upfluence’s data-rich influencer profiles. Measure, optimize and iterate your campaigns to reach double digit ROI.


Save time on influencer management

Experience the most powerful creator workflow

Manage your influencer campaigns in a snap with a complete, automated and customized workflow tool. See all creators hired, drafts submitted, sales generated, and payments issued in one place.

Easily hire influencers and affiliates

Hire the best influencers for fruitful and long-term collaborations with your brand. Upfluence provides influencer contract templates and influencer outreach email templates to make your life easier and streamline the hiring process.

Generate unique promo codes automatically

Simplify promo code generation for affiliate campaigns. Create unique, custom promotion codes from within Upfluence. They are natively compatible with your Shopify or WooCommerce store.


Pay influencers, Send creators free products

Hassle-free influencer payments

Pay influencers, affiliates and creators in 1 click. Automate commission calculation and payment requests. Connect your Paypal account and pay your partners easily and regularly.

All-in-one influencer gifting

Give your creators and affiliates the freedom to choose the products they want to promote directly from your store. With a single link, they can select their size, color, and enter their shipping details and manage orders with one-click-order confirmation.

Pay creators in any currency

Easily pay creators in any currency and automatically retrieve legal documents. 


Measure influencer & affiliate campaigns

Track sales and ROI automatically

Get precise sales tracking and ROI calculation for any influencer and affiliate campaign.

Aggregate campaign results in a custom dashboard

See all the results of your campaigns in one place: Revenue, ROI, AOV, commissions to be paid to influencers, etc. Build your personalized dashboard and make data-driven decisions.

Know which influencers perform the best

Find out which influencers in your campaign rake in the most clicks with individual tracking links. Have a clear overview of your total clicks & views, click-through rate, and influencer engagement rate. Track individual sales generated and ROI by affiliate.

Integrate your own marketing stack

Connect your daily tools to manage every aspect of your campaigns in one place
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Influencer analytics tool


An influencer marketing platform is a technology-driven solution that connects brands and businesses with social media influencers. These platforms act as intermediaries, providing a centralized hub where brands can discover, collaborate with, and manage influencers for their marketing campaigns. These platforms typically offer various features such as influencer search and discovery, campaign management tools, analytics and reporting, and payment processing capabilities. Overall, an influencer marketing platform facilitates the entire process of influencer marketing, making it easier for brands to find and work with influencers to promote their products or services.

An influencer marketing platform serves as a comprehensive toolset for brands and businesses to execute influencer marketing campaigns. These platforms typically offer the following functionalities:

Influencer Discovery: Brands can search for influencers based on specific criteria such as audience demographics, interests, location, and engagement metrics. This helps brands identify influencers who align with their target audience and campaign goals.

Campaign Management: Influencer marketing platforms provide features for campaign planning, briefing, and collaboration. Brands can set campaign objectives, communicate with influencers, and track content creation progress, ensuring seamless coordination and campaign execution.

Performance Analytics: These platforms offer detailed analytics and reporting on key campaign metrics such as reach, engagement, conversions, and ROI. Brands can assess the effectiveness of their influencer campaigns and make data-driven decisions for future strategies.

Payment Processing: Influencer marketing platforms often handle payment processes, ensuring smooth and secure transactions between brands and influencers. Some platforms provide options for negotiating and managing influencer fees, simplifying the financial aspect of influencer collaborations.

An influencer marketing tool is a specific feature or functionality within an influencer marketing platform or software. These tools are designed to address specific needs or tasks related to influencer marketing. Examples of influencer marketing tools include influencer search and discovery tools, campaign management tools, analytics and reporting tools, and payment processing tools. Brands can leverage these tools to optimize their influencer marketing efforts and achieve better results.

Influencer marketing software refers to computer programs or applications specifically designed to assist brands in managing their influencer marketing activities. These software solutions typically encompass a range of features, including influencer discovery, campaign management, analytics, and payment processing. Influencer marketing software aims to streamline and automate various aspects of influencer marketing, making it more efficient and effective for brands to connect with influencers, execute campaigns, and measure their impact.

Upfluence is primarily used by brands and businesses to execute influencer marketing campaigns. It serves as a comprehensive solution for influencer discovery, campaign management, performance tracking, and influencer relationship management. By leveraging Upfluence, brands can streamline their influencer marketing efforts, effectively reach their target audience, and measure the success of their campaigns through detailed analytics.

Upfluence is an influencer marketing platform that helps brands and businesses identify, connect with, and manage influencers for their marketing campaigns. The platform offers a wide range of features and functionalities, including:

Influencer Discovery: Upfluence provides advanced search filters and criteria to help brands find influencers who match their target audience and campaign requirements.

Campaign Management: Brands can create and manage influencer marketing campaigns within Upfluence, including campaign briefs, content approvals, and performance tracking.

Performance Analytics: Upfluence offers comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, allowing brands to measure the impact and effectiveness of their influencer campaigns.

Relationship Management: The platform enables brands to establish and nurture relationships with influencers, facilitating smooth communication and collaboration throughout the campaign.