Apparel and Fashion Luxury Retailer closed more than $15.4M with Influencers

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Influencer Marketing Platform » Apparel Industry » Apparel and Fashion Luxury Retailer closed more than $15.4M with Influencers
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Read how Upfluence helped this anonymous client from the Apparel and Fashion Luxury Industry reach more than 15,4M in Sales in using content creators.
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An evergreen influencer program: Closing $15,4M in less than a year

A leader in online luxury fashion that connects customers with global boutiques and brands. The company offers a curated selection of high-end fashion products to customers worldwide.


Their Need

The company sought an Influencer and Affiliate Marketing platform to effectively manage its Influencer Marketing Programs, driving sales and customer acquisition. 

The Solution

Upfluence simplifies Influencer Program management with an all-inclusive tool that covers creator identification, email outreach, campaign creation, content management, and payment.

getting started

Onboarding & Campaign Set-up

Streamlined onboarding process

  • Sessions with an account manager to dive into campaign needs
  • Full support available for any technical requests, at any time

Set-up for success

  • Hands on support for the set up of the influencer program
  • Emails and brief templates provided to get up and running

the process

Creator compensations & requests

Creator value proposition

  • A gift card of up to $500
  • A negotiable set fee
  • 10% commission based on sales

Creator Assignments

  • 5 stories published at two key moments
  • Bespoke 10% promo code valid for a limited time and for new clients only
  • Trackable swipe-up links to shop the promoted item and the ‘New In’ product page

overview of program outcomes

Key metrics, in a nutshell

$15,4M+ GTV (Gross transaction value)

  • 8,2x Return on Investment (ROI)
  • $112 Customer Acquisition Cost
  • $921 average order value

16,8K new customers acquired

  • 29% of them turned into repeat buyers, elevating the average Lifetime Value (LTV) to $1,188
  • Given a Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) of just $112, the resulting LTV/CAC ratio is an 10x
  • This was the highest ratio of all customer acquisition channel for this company

Creator program details

Customer acquisition : a program leading to acquiring new clients worldwide

11 markets : United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Japan, Australia, South Korea

1.2k creators: Building a strong high-performer creator community from scratch

Instagram campaign: The social media was used for its audience demographics and traffic levers

12 months: Evergreen influencer programs led at different seasonal highlights

Hybrid compensation: Including product gifting, flat and performance-based payments

Creator program process

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