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Today we are glad to welcome Asim, founder of the blog Bonjourlife created in 2011. Through this interview, Asim tells us more about his experience as a blogger and the development of his blog. We let you discover it !

Can you introduce yourself and your blog  ?

I have been running Bonjourlife, an Online Magazine for Guys, since 2011. I am currently residing in Virginia, USA. But my origin is Pakistan. Blogging has always been my leisure pursuit. In 2011, it turned out to be a perfect year for the launch of this online magazine. The idea was to update the audience with latest gadgets, trends, gears and hottest fashion accessories for men. It turned out to be more than that in 2014, when I started using Upfluence for monetizing my blog. In time, we hope to launch this magazine in USA.

What are your editorial habits?

We are a team of content writers including me, Muhammad Waqas and Muhammad Zobair Siddique. These guys have given a lot to Bonjourlife. I am sure the success of Bonjourlife would not have been possible if I had remained alone. Waqas, besides being a content writer, provided designing services and wrote the very first code of Bonjourlife. Zobair, our favorite sub-editor with a literary background, gave the best he could in as much time as he possibly could.

What do you like the most about your blog?

I like the speed. Speed is the first and foremost concern for me. Apart from that, Contributors! Every now and then I see a lot of contributors are interested in writing for my blog. That’s their love as well as their dedication for this Web Magazine.

How do you use social networks? Which one do you prefer?

Facebook is the only social network I prefer. Ever since the advent of Facebook, it’s always been my best platform for social communication.


What are the meaningful moments of the development of the blog?

In my view, the blogging is an on-going effort to uptake an idea. No matter what’s your area of interest, you have to dive into the sea in order to get something out of it. Meaningful moments are when you start getting public attention . That’s the time you don’t wanna waste. Before that, it all looks like strenuous work.

Who’s your target ?

Target audience is Men, (young and teenagers) mostly under 35. Tech enthusiasts, inspiring bloggers and those who are seeking newest gadgets.

Which are the most popular categories of your blog ?

Due to technological advancements in last couple of decades, searches related to technology have elevated to 80% all over the world. It's when we update the blog. The category that gets more likes and audience attraction is Technology.

Where do you find inspiration?

Mostly from the crowd-funding projects we see. In one or the other way, we always see the potential in those crowd-funding campaigns. Far greater than they get through Kickstarter. In near future, we think that the online presence of such campaigns will not only just grow by 80% (approx) but they are also going to open a whole new world where businesses may evolve in a completely different and better environment.

A little message for Upfluence ?

We seem to have been in relationship with Upfluence since a couple of years by now. Upfluence has really changed our monetizing graph. People find it difficult to monetize their audience even if they have a lot of targeted audience. Upfluence is genuinely a perfect spot for both publishers as well as online marketers.

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